Fukuroda Falls

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Fukuroda Falls
Fukuroda Falls - 袋田の滝(ふくろだのたき).jpg
Fukuroda Falls is located in Japan
Fukuroda Falls
Location Daigo-machi, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan
Coordinates 36°45′52″N 140°24′27.5″E / 36.76444°N 140.407639°E / 36.76444; 140.407639
Type Multi-Step
Total height 120 m
Number of drops 4
Average width 73 m
Watercourse Taki River (滝川, Taki-gawa)

Fukuroda Falls (袋田の滝, Fukuroda-no-taki) are located in Daigo, Ibaraki Prefecture Japan. The Taki River (滝川, Taki-gawa) has its source spring just above the falls. The river flows through the falls and ultimately joins a major Kuji River (久慈川, Kuji-gawa).

The width of the falls is 73 m, while the height reaches 120 m. During winter the falls may freeze. The falls are ranked as the third most beautiful waterfall in Japan, coming after Kegon Falls (華厳滝, Kegon-no-taki) and Nachi Falls (那智滝, Nachi-no-taki). The Fukuroda Falls is listed as one of the "Japan’s Top 100 Waterfalls", in a listing published by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment in 1990.

The closest train station is Fukuroda JR station located 3 kilometers away. By car, the falls can be reached from the Naka Interchange on the Jōban Expresway to Japan National Route 118 in the direction of Omiya.

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Coordinates: 36°45′52″N 140°24′27.5″E / 36.76444°N 140.407639°E / 36.76444; 140.407639