Fukushima-ku, Osaka

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Location of Fukushima-ku in Osaka City

Fukushima-ku (福島区) is one of 24 wards of Osaka city in Japan. The ward is primarily a residential quarter, but has some office buildings and a commercial district, as well as factories and wholesale businesses. In recent years, many high rise apartment buildings and office buildings have been built in this ward, because it is close to the Umeda and Dōjima business centres.

As of 1 August 2008, the ward has a population of 63,237,[1] and an area of 4.67 square km.[2] It is bordered by the Yodo River on the north, and the Dōjima River on the south.


This district (north part of Dōjima) was a suburban farm village during the Edo period, and large factories, especially textile factories, were built during the Meiji period. Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. was established in 1918 in Fukushima-ku. Even today, there are many printing companies and automobile parts wholesalers in the ward. Prior to World War II, Osaka University Hospital and Osaka City Central Market was located here. After World War II, many office buildings were built around JR Fukushima station, because it is close to Umeda (business centre of western Japan). Other areas of Fukushima-ku were converted from factories into residential areas and commercial districts.

In 2008, Hotarumachi was redeveloped at the former site of Osaka University Hospital. In 2019, north of Hanshin Noda Station, large factory site of former Shionogi Research Laboratories and Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma Osaka Center will be redeveloped into residential and shopping center.

Places of interest[edit]


City Tower Nishi-Umeda


Shopping Center[edit]

  • WISTE Noda-Hanshin shopping center (AEON shopping mall)
  • Kohnan Hardware store, Oobiraki branch


  • JCHO Osaka Hospital (former Koseinenkin Hospital)
  • Kansai Electric Power Co. Hospital

Company Headquarters[edit]

Major factories[edit]

  • Toppan Printing Kansai Division (Office, Printing factory)
  • Rengo: Yodogawa Factory (Paper manufacture)
  • Fukuyama Transporting: Osaka distribution centre (Truck terminal)

Historical sites[edit]

  • Fukuzawa Yukichi birthplace (at Hotarumachi)
  • Sakaro-no-matsu monument
  • Fukushima-tenmangu shrine
  • Noda-ebisu-jinjya shrine





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