Fukuyama Castle

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Fukuyama Castle
Fukuyama, Japan
Fukuyama castle01s1920.jpg
Fukuyama Castle tenshu
Type Azuchi-Momoyama castle
Height (five stories)
Site information
Controlled by Mizuno clan (1622-1698),
Marugame han (1698-1700),
Matsudaira Tadamasa (1700-1710),
Abe clan (1710-1874),
Japan (1874-present)
Condition Reconstructed, serves as history museum
Site history
Built 1619-1622, rebuilt 1966
Built by Mizuno Katsunari
In use 1622-1874
Materials stone, wood, plaster walls (original); concrete, steel, wood, stone, plaster (reconstruction)
Demolished 8 August 1945

Fukuyama Castle (福山城?, Fukuyama-jō), sometimes called Hisamatsu Castle (久松城?, Hisamatsu-jō) or Iyō Castle (葦陽城?, Iyō-jō) was the castle of the Bingo-Fukuyama Han during the Edo period of Japanese history. The castle is located in Fukuyama Park in Fukuyama, Hiroshima near Fukuyama Station.


The castle was built on a hill on the Fukuyama plain and it was the capital of Bingo Fukuyama Han. Construction was started in 1619 during the Genna era. There were double moats around the castle and an inlet led to the Seto Inland Sea.

Most buildings of the castle was destroyed during World War II. Most of the dry stone was later removed, and Fukuyama Station was built very near where the castle stood. The main tower was rebuilt in 1966.

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Coordinates: 34°29′27.74″N 133°21′40.04″E / 34.4910389°N 133.3611222°E / 34.4910389; 133.3611222