Fulcrum (sculpture)

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RichardSerra Fulcrum2.jpg
Fulcrum pictured in 2005
ArtistRichard Serra
MediumWeathering steel
Dimensions1,700 cm (55 ft)
Coordinates51°31′06″N 0°05′01″W / 51.518303°N 0.083741°W / 51.518303; -0.083741Coordinates: 51°31′06″N 0°05′01″W / 51.518303°N 0.083741°W / 51.518303; -0.083741

Fulcrum is a large sculpture by American artist Richard Serra installed in 1987 near the western entrance to Liverpool Street station, London, as part of the Broadgate development. The sculpture consists of five pieces of Cor-Ten steel, and is approximately 55 feet (17 m) tall.[1] Deyan Sudjic, director of the Design Museum, has called it one of London's "design icons".[2][3]


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