Fulham Correctional Centre

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Fulham Correctional Centre
Location Sale, Victoria
Security class Medium security
Capacity 800
Opened 7 April 1997
Managed by GEO Group Australia

Fulham Correctional Centre is a medium security Australian prison located in Hopkins Road, Sale, Victoria, Australia. The prison consists of mainstream medium and minimum (fenced and unfenced) security cell blocks, management (solitary), and a protection unit.

Prisoners wear green uniforms. All phone calls are recorded. Prisoners are allowed to work and the maximum daily wage is $8.50; they are also allowed $190 a month. Facilities include a pool and gym to keep prisoners occupied. Days begin with a 7am welfare check and ends around 12-1am with lights out.

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VCE Sociology student doing in depth study on prison community at Fulham.

Coordinates: 38°6′27″S 146°58′13″E / 38.10750°S 146.97028°E / -38.10750; 146.97028