Fulham Railway Bridge

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Fulham Railway Bridge
Fulham Railway Bridge at low tide
Coordinates 51°27′57″N 0°12′35″W / 51.4658°N 0.2097°W / 51.4658; -0.2097Coordinates: 51°27′57″N 0°12′35″W / 51.4658°N 0.2097°W / 51.4658; -0.2097
CarriesDistrict line
CrossesRiver Thames
LocaleLondon, England
Preceded byPutney Bridge
Followed byWandsworth Bridge
DesignGirder bridge

Fulham Railway Bridge crosses the River Thames in London. It is very close to Putney Bridge, and carries the London Underground District line between Putney Bridge station on the North, and East Putney station on the South. Fulham Railway Bridge can also be crossed on foot, on the downstream (east) side.

Panorama of Fulham Railway Bridge looking downstream


The bridge is of lattice girder construction and 418 metres long, with 5 spans totalling 301 metres actually across the river, two further spans on the southern shore, and one on the north. It was designed by Brunel's former assistant William Jacomb, built by Head Wrightson and opened in 1889.[1]

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Coordinates: 51°27′57″N 0°12′35″W / 51.46583°N 0.20972°W / 51.46583; -0.20972