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In computing, a full-screen writing program[1] or distraction-free editor[2][3][4] is a text editor that occupies the full display with the purpose of isolating the writer from the operating system (OS) and other applications. In this way one should be able to focus on the writing alone, with no distractions from the OS and a cluttered interface.[2][5][6][7] Often distraction-free editors feature a dark background and a text field, with lighter colored text. However, most distraction-free editors include customisable user interfaces.[8] Some editors support rich text editing.

List of full screen editors[edit]

Free and open-source[edit]

Name License Linux Other supported operating systems p. lang. Toolkit Spell checker Syntax highlighting WYSIWYG Notable aspects, references
Acme LPL Yes Plan 9, Mac OS, Windows Mouse chording; supports sending selected text through pipelines of programs; extensible & scriptable via any language.
CodeRoom GPLv3 Yes Mac OS, Windows C++ Qt No QSyntaxHighlighter supports syntax highlighting.[9]
GNU Emacs GPLv3 Yes Unix, Mac OS, Windows C, Emacs Lisp curses, GTK+ Yes Yes Yes supports syntax highlighting, programmable, several distraction-free packages available.[10][11][12][13]
FocusWriter GPLv3 Yes Mac OS, Windows C++ Qt Enchant Highly customizable, has basic .odt format support[14]
gedit GPLv2 Yes Cross-platform C GTK+ Enchant GtkSourceView Unicode full-screen with F11; part of GNOME Core Applications
KoalaWriter GPLv3 Yes Mac OS, Windows C++ Qt No No No Clone of OmmWriter[15]
Marave GPLv2 Yes No Python Qt Enchant GNU source-highlight Similar to OmmWriter, CreaWriter;[16]
PyRoom GPLv3 Yes Mac OS Python GTK+ No No No [17]
QuiEdit GPLv3 Yes Windows Python Qt Hunspell Yes Markdown basic text formatting.[18]
RubyRoom GPLv2 Yes No Ruby[19] GTK+ No No No Latest version from 2009
TextRoom GPLv3 Yes Mac OS, Windows C++ Qt (+GLib) Hunspell Supports rich text[20]
Vim Vim License Yes Cross-platform C Yes Yes Distraction-free plugins available.[21]


Name Operating system support Notable aspects, references
Calmly Writer Chrome OS, Google Chrome browser WYSIWYG, image embedding, OpenDyslexic mode[22]
FORCEdraft Windows Text editor that won't exit until the user's goal is reached.[23]
DarkRoom Windows Clone of WriteRoom for Windows .NET[24]
JDarkRoom Linux, Mac OS, Windows Clone of DarkRoom written in Java[25]
Poe Windows 8 (only) Word count goals, writing timers, auto-correct and resource links.[26]
Q10 Windows Portable, has word count features
Writemonkey Windows Supports Markdown Extra, Textile, WikiCreole.[27] Donors can access plugins including corkboard, timer.


Name Operating system support Notable aspects, references
Bloom Editor Windows Uses 3D rendering for special effects and dynamic visual themes. Has a free limited version[28]
CreaWriter Windows Clone of OmmWriter for Windows; has limited free version[29]
First Draft Windows Writing mode that ensures forward progress and the avoidance of pre-emptive editing. Free trial available.[30]
iA Writer Mac OS, Windows, Android Lightweight, has iCloud and Dropbox integration, iPad and iPhone version, Focus Mode, and Markdown support, Light and Dark writing modes, Live rendering/preview, Syntax Highlighting, Style Check
Moopato Mac OS and Windows Markdown editor and e-book publishing app[31]
NaNoScriBe Windows Rich text, on-screen word count, goals and timers. Built-in NaNoWriMo stats page [32]
OmmWriter Mac OS, Windows Supports images as backgrounds, and a player for ambient music[33]
Sublime Text Linux, Mac OS, Windows customisable, for programmers,[34][35] has free trial version[36]
Write! Windows Markdown, spell-checker, cloud storage, sessions and folders scheme, RTL support[37]
Write Onward! Windows Fullscreen writing software disallowing editing, copying or pasting text to let writers focus solely on the writing process.[38]
WriteRoom Mac OS Simple[39][40][41]
Xiosis Scribe Windows
ZenWriter Windows Simple, with background images and ambient music[42]
Frost Mac OS, Windows Plays thematic ambient music, free to use, live word counter, downloading option.[43]


Rich text support[edit]

Some distraction-free editors support rich text editing. These include CreaWriter, TextRoom, and WriteRoom.[20][29][44] In some cases, this feature turned off per default and must be set by a user.[44]

Syntax highlighting[edit]

Currently, only a few distraction-free editors support syntax highlighting. CodeRoom is an open source project with the purpose of creating a distraction-free code editor with customisable highlighting schemes.[9] The latest version of Marave supports syntax highlighting.[16] Sublime Text supports a distraction-free full-screen view.[34][35] Packages exist for GNU Emacs that turn off various features and reformat the display to a distraction-free layout while retaining syntax highlighting and other features familiar to Emacs users..

Aids to writing[edit]

Word count is a common feature in these editors. Other aids can include spell checkers, auto-corrections and quick text templates.[45]

Other Features[edit]

Many of the programs include timers to pace writing. FocusWriter and WriteMonkey, among others, include typewriter sound effects.[46]

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