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This article is about the geosocial networking service. For other uses, see Full Circle.
FullCircle Geosocial Network, Inc.
FullCircle logo
Type Private
Founded 2009
Headquarters Rockville, Maryland, United States
Area served Worldwide
Key people Michael Hodge (CEO)
Slogan(s) "A Mobile Social Community"
Website FullCircle.net
Type of site Geosocial Networking
Advertising Opt-in
Registration Required
Available in English, Spanish and Chinese
Current status Active

FullCircle is a geosocial networking application and location based services portal for mobile devices, operated by FullCircle Geosocial Network, Inc. It was founded in April 2009 by Michael Hodge and formerly named MyTalk, which was operated by MyTalk, Inc.[1] till September 2011 when the company name was changed to FullCircle Geosocial Network, Inc.[2] FullCircle enables registered users to interact based on their physical proximity and preset preferences. FullCircle's membership are located in 33 different countries.


In April 2009, Michael Hodge founded MyTalk, the predecessor to FullCircle, which developed a web-based mobile application that combines location awareness with social networking.[1] MyTalk was renamed and rebranded as FullCircle in September 2011.[2]

Prior to this recent change of name and rebranding, AliphCom — the makers of Jawbone headsets, speakers and armbands — and FullCircle (then MyTalk) went to US Federal Court seeking a declaratory ruling relating to Jawbone's alleged Infringement of Mytalk’s US registered trademark.[3] They eventually had a "Confidential Settlement".[4]


The main launch screen of FullCircle Mobile Application for iPhone

FullCircle is available through the web and mobile application which allows users to check-in to places. Logged-in users are able to see other nearby users or/and search for other users by name or their locations, view their profiles, add users and communicate with them through wink, message or email. Users are also able to join existing user groups or create their own user groups.

Members can create albums and upload photos too.


Users' locations are not revealed; rather, users are ranked in relation to other users nearby, though this form of location sharing can also be disabled. Users can decide how accessible they are to other users by granting or restricting visibility access to their profiles, pictures, videos, etc.

Supported Devices[edit]

FullCircle mobile application currently supports web-enabled devices such as Google Nexus, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, etc., that is, devices powered by Android 2.1 or later or iOS 4.0 or later. The application is available at Android Market, Apple App Store and Amazon Appstore.

The current version of the application for Android is 2.0, while 2.0.6 is the current version for iOS. FullCircle is available in English, Chinese and Spanish Versions.


According to TechJournal South, "the company’s initial convertible debt offering brought in $150,000".[1] FullCircle raised an additional $500,000 in operating capital through subsequent debt offerings. In April 2012 FullCircle raised three million dollars in Series A funding from Greehey and Company. The company makes money through opt-in advertisement on its geosocial network.


FullCircle (then MyTalk) is one of the 36 businesses that worked with Fairfax County in the third quarter of 2010, with the aim of collectively creating 1,000 Jobs.[5]

It also has a partnership agreement with Priceline, which allows Priceline to provide its location based hotel and other travel services, including selling location based advertising on the FullCircle geosocial network.[1][2]


FullCircle (then MyTalk) was selected as one of the 20 "hottest mobile startups nationwide" and was one of the finalists at MobileBeat 2010 Startup Competition organized by VentureBeat.[6]

FullCircle CEO Michael Hodge was awarded a 2013 CEO of the Year Award for North America by The Finance-Monthly Magazine

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