Full Blown Rose

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Full Blown Rose
Origin United States
Genres Rock/Pop
Years active 2001–2005
Associated acts My Ruin, Eths, We3Kings Music
Website http://www.fullblownrose.com

Full Blown Rose (often abbreviated to FBR by both fans and the band) was an alternative rock band which began in New York City in 2001 and were produced by We3Kings Music[1] (Seven and the Sun, Whiskey Falls and Have2Have). Members included Josephine Conigliaro (lead vocals), Matthieu LeChevalier (drums), and Josh Allen (lead guitar). The band officially formed in 2001 and officially ended in 2005 via their official website. They received their widest exposure after their song "Somebody Help Me" was chosen as the official theme song to the Fox Network's short-lived supernatural drama Tru Calling. Although they were never successful, Full Blown Rose subsequently developed a devoted fan base over the internet.

Josh, Jessica, Matthieu, Pete, and Chepe all attended the Los Angeles Music Academy. Jessica and Chepe left due to creative differences shortly after the making of their first video in mid-2004. Jessica was replaced by Pete and Chepe was replaced by Mattieu.

Though Josephine promised that Full Blown Rose would release one album, the band never officially released any of their material save for one song, "In the Light," which was featured on the Wind-up Records soundtrack album to the film Elektra. They also contributed two songs to the soundtrack of the film Seed of Chucky, though an official soundtrack was never released. The vast majority of their work was only available to listen to on their website, and was never released as any form of downloadable content.


Final lineup[edit]

Josephine Conigliaro - Lead Vocals (2001–2005)
Josh Allen - Guitar (2003–2005)
Matthieu LeChevalier - Drums (2004–2005)
Pete Boskovich - Bass(2004–2005)

Former members[edit]

Tyler - Bass (2001–2004)
Jessica - Bass (2001–2003)
Jossette - Guitar (2001–2003)
Paul - Drums (2001)
Chepe - Drums (2002–2003)
Michael - Drums (2003)
Jay - Drums (2003)



Full Blown Rose never released an album of their own. However, through two soundtracks, their webpage, and their MySpace page, Full Blown Rose released a total of fourteen songs:

  • Somebody Help Me
  • In the Air Tonight
  • The Longest Day
  • Burden of Sacrifice
  • Burden of Sacrifice (Acoustic Version)
  • Show Me the Way
  • Tragically Beautiful
  • Trapped
  • Only You
  • Lie to Me
  • Anyway That You Can Get It
  • In the Light
  • One Way or Another
  • Get Your Hands Up


Full Blown Rose's only official releases were via soundtracks, and they received their widest exposure from those soundtracks. "Somebody Help Me" was the theme song for the opening credits of the cult favorite Fox Network series Tru Calling. Full Blown Rose recorded a cover of Phil Collins' ballad "In the Air Tonight" in the first season finale episode "Two Weddings and a Funeral." An instrumental version of "Somebody Help Me" was used as the music for the end credits of Tru Calling.

  • The theme song "Somebody Help Me" was also Full Blown Rose's only music video, which aired with Tru Calling's mid-season finale. It was included as a special feature on the season one DVD set, as well as being mass-released to the internet via YouTube.

On the Seed of Chucky soundtrack, Full Blown Rose performed one original song, "Get Your Hands Up," as well as a cover of Blondie's smash-hit "One Way or Another" which played during the film's closing credits.

The band wrote a different chorus and bridge to their song "Show Me the Way" and turned it into "In the Light" in order to fit into the movie's plot for the Elektra soundtrack album. "In the Light" is the only song Full Blown Rose ever performed that was released on a physical album as well as for download.

After the band[edit]

Josephine Conigliaro[edit]

  • In her debut as a solo artist, Josephine performed the theme song "Anything You Want" for the short-lived but cult-favorite television series Windfall and Living with Fran starring Fran Drescher both in 2006.
  • In February 2006 Conigliaro also appeared as a semi-finalist on the fifth season of the American smash hit reality show American Idol, but for unknown reasons she didn't "go to Hollywood."
  • Since 2008, Conigliaro has been working on a new album as a solo artist under her first name "Josephine" along with producers Bill & Wally Brandt and Seven Williams of We3Kings Music.[2][1] Her songs 'Avalanche',[3] '15 Minutes of Fame'[4] and 'Universe[5] among others have been featured on the hit t.v. show Dance Moms on Lifetime (TV network).
  • In October 2012, Josephine sang the theme song, 'Ready to Fly' [6] for the Dance Moms' spinoff Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition.

Matthieu LeChevalier[edit]

  • Matthieu LeChevalier joined the heavy metal band My Ruin in 2006 just after the disbanding of Full Blown Rose. He left the band shortly thereafter.
  • In 2007, he joined the French metal band Eths, in which he is still currently a member.

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