Full Fathom Five (film)

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Full Fathom Five
Directed byCarl Franklin
Produced byRodman Flender
Written byBart Davis
StarringMichael Moriarty
Maria Rangel
Diego Bertie
Distributed byConcorde Pictures
Release date
  • September 7, 1990 (1990-09-07) (U.S.)
Running time
82 min
United States

Full Fathom Five is a 1990 action film, written by Bart Davis and directed by Carl Franklin, starring Michael Moriarty, Maria Rangel, and Diego Bertie. It was shot in Peru.[1]


Full Fathom Five, based on the novel by Bart Davis, is set in the days preceding the United States invasion of Panama in 1989. USS Aspen, a fictional Los Angeles-class submarine, rescues agents from Panama, and Peter MacKenzie (Michael Moriarty), the submarine's commanding officer, promptly falls in love with the beautiful Justine (Maria Rangel). Meanwhile, Panamanian rebels seize a Soviet submarine (the "Victor Three class submarine CCCP Kirov") and threaten America with a nuclear attack on Houston, Texas. Only MacKenzie and his crew can stop the villains.


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