Full Grown Men

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Full Grown Men
New poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by David Munro
Produced by Brian Benson
Xandra Castleton
Alan Cumming
David Ilku
David Munro
Paul Zaentz
Sheila B. Ennis
Donna Garrison
Lawrence Lippman
Scott Karpf
Todd Tiberi
Written by David Munro
Xandra Castleton
Starring Matt McGrath
Judah Friedlander
Alan Cumming
Amy Sedaris
Deborah Harry
Music by Charlie Campbell
Cinematography Frank G. DeMarco
Edited by Alex Blatt
Affonso Gonçalves
Release dates
April 27, 2006 (2006-04-27)
Country United States
Language English

Full Grown Men is a 2006 American independent comedy film directed by David Munro and starring Matt McGrath, Judah Friedlander, Alan Cumming, Amy Sedaris, and Deborah Harry, is the bittersweet story of a thirtysomething man with family who grudgingly realizes it is time to trade adolescence for adulthood. The film won the 2007 indieWIRE Undiscovered Gems Film Series Audience Award competition.


Alby Cutrera is a pathologically nostalgic guy who, at 35 years of age with a wife and young son, really just wishes he could ride his Schwinn 5 speed around all day on a Cherry Slurpee high.

His wife Suzanne and son Josh love him because he's funny and creative but for Suzanne it’s getting old and there’s rent to pay. Finally losing patience with Alby, Suzanne kicks him out of the house with the unequivocal instruction: "Don't come back 'til you grow up!"

Alby's having none of that and does what any hopeless case of arrested-development would do – he goes back to Mom's house. There, after having his fill of eating Fruit Loops and watching cartoons on TV, he decides to look up his old best friend from childhood, Elias Guber.

Alby is thrilled to get back with his old pal and relive old times, but there’s a problem – Elias remembers a much less rosy version of their childhood – one in which he was Alby’s performing monkey. But as always, Elias can't resist Alby's entreaties to take him along on a trip to Diggityland, a theme park up in central Florida that was their favorite place as kids. Elias is going there to get an award for his work as a special-ed teacher, a decidedly grown-up occupation, while Alby needs a ride up the coast to sell his precious action figures to a collectibles broker – a move he thinks will reinstate him in the good graces of his family and signal his transition into adulthood.

Along the way the two friends meet a series of similarly damaged romantics: a hitchhiking disgruntled former employee of Diggityland who has a "little matter to settle with the management"; Trina, a horny bartender who attends "Clownin' School" in hopes of earning her "Clownin' Degree" and joining the Circus; and a delusional fading beauty who lives in an Airstream trailer and obsesses over her past glory as the most beautiful and popular Weeki Wachee mermaid. Each pokes a new hole in Alby’s fantasy bubble of being a kid forever.

Ultimately it’s one of Elias’s students, a developmentally disabled boy named Rollie, a boy literally denied by fate the chance to ever become an adult, who teaches Alby the value of seeing beyond himself and taking responsibility for his actions.


Actor Role
Matt McGrath Alby Cutrera
Judah Friedlander Elias Guber
Alan Cumming The Hitchhiker
Deborah Harry Beauty
Amy Sedaris Trina
Katie Kreisler Suzanne Cutrera
Richard Lozano/Steven Lozano Josh Cutrera
Joie Lee Annie
Jerry Grayson Mr. Tinsman
Benjamin Karpf Rollie
Jim Fyfe Night Manager
David Ilku Pool Man
Zully Montero Teya

Darwin Sealey Bus Driver

Peter Donald Badalamenti II Bert
Nadia da Silva Mrs Cutrera


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