Full Metal Daemon: Muramasa

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Full Metal Daemon - Muramasa coverart.png
Artist(s)Namaniku ATK
Writer(s)Ittetsu Narahara
ReleaseOctober 30, 2009
Genre(s)Visual novel

Full Metal Daemon: Muramasa (装甲悪鬼村正, Sōkōakki Muramasa) is a Japanese visual novel developed by Nitroplus for Windows. It was released on October 30, 2009.


A Tsurugi (劒冑) is a living soul forged into a set of armor. They are among the most powerful weapons the world has to offer. All those who don them are known as Musha - warriors who are thus granted the power to soar the skies and wield blades that can rend even steel.

Within the island nation of Yamato, governed by the Rokuhara Shogunate, rumors of a Musha clad in silver armor, only known as The Silver Star, are afloat: a ruthless silver tyrant that leaves nothing but destruction in its wake, massacring everything in its path without distinction.

Unknown to the public eye, there exists only one Musha who would stand against the silver demon. A lone man, donning the crimson Tsurugi known as Muramasa, chases after his long-time nemesis, the Silver Star, cutting down both serial killers and agents of the Shogunate that stand in his way.

However, his blade is not driven by the wrath of justice, nor will he ever label himself a hero. For his Tsurugi is none other than the crimson demon that brought hell upon the land of Yamato in ages past - the accursed armor known as Seishuusengou Uemon-no-jou Muramasa.

"This is not a story of heroes. Those who would aspire to be such have no place here."


Main Characters[edit]

Minato Kageaki

Voiced by: Ishikawa Yuusuke

A young man secretly working under orders from the prince to subjugate the Silver Star. His Tsurugi is Muramasa. While on a mission, he introduces himself as a policeman working part-time for the Kamakura Police Department; under normal circumstances, he spends his days in his cell at the Kamakura Detention House as an unconvicted prisoner due to committing a variety of crimes, including matricide.

While his outward appearance might indicate a person of dark and melancholic demeanor, in reality, Kageaki is a kind and honest young man. He acts the airhead from time to time, much to the surprise of his peers.

Due to the various murders he had committed under the tormenting influence of the curse known as the "counterbalance of good and evil", he views himself as a monster, his blade deep crimson with the blood of innocents. While he is well-versed in the art of war, he is by no means an expert combatant.

His reason for using Muramasa is twofold: for one, Muramasa is the only Tsurugi capable of withstanding the corruption of the Silver Star's "eggs"; additionally, he feels it is his duty as a brother to put an end to his sister's atrocities. His final wish upon finally defeating the Silver Star is to be judged and executed for all his sins.


Voiced by: Sumoto Ayana

Third-generation Seishuusengou Uemon-no-jou Muramasa. Female. She was once housed in the depths of the Minato residence, but due to various circumstances, made a contract with Kageaki. The two of them are now working together as partners in stopping the Silver Star.

Her body is of steel, a characteristic that is reflected in her cold demeanor. However, she is more attentive towards Kageaki, who is deeply tormented by his curse. She became a Tsurugi in order to prevent her mother from being melted down as punishment for the unimaginable bloodshed she had caused during the Nanboku-chō wars; by becoming a Tsurugi, Muramasa was to watch over her mother, and stop her should she awaken to bring calamity upon the land once again. She is also acting out of a deep sense of guilt because her mother, the Silver Star, was the very being who had previously destroyed Kageaki's peaceful daily existence. However, she had never once voiced these feelings.

Although she adheres to the tenets of the "counterbalance of good and evil" that her mother and grandfather also followed, she, too, is tormented by constant feelings of guilt. During her mortal years, she was a stunning dark-skinned beauty. However, this was mainly due to the increased growth rate of Emishi, and in reality, Muramasa is much younger than what her outward appearance would suggest. Because of this, she can be somewhat naive and childish at times. In one of the game's routes, she gains the ability to turn into her human form once again, and ends up showing a more emotional side of herself.

In particular, she has absolutely no experience in matters of the heart. One time, when Kageaki decides to clean her armor on a whim, she mistakes it for a genuine sexual assault and cries out in tears; another time, when Kageaki reaches out to her with kindness, she is too shaken up to answer and merely continues to tremble in silence.


A music single containing songs from the game was released on September 18, 2009.[1]


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