Full Metal Yakuza

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Full Metal Yakuza
Japanese VHS cover
Directed byTakashi Miike
Produced by
  • Yuji Nagamori
  • Naoki Abe[1]
Screenplay byItaru Era[1]
Music byKoji Endo[1]
CinematographyShoei Ando[1]
Edited byYasushi Shimamura[1]
  • Tokuma Japan
  • Excellent Film[1]
Distributed byTokuma Japan Communications[1]
Release date
  • December 5, 1997 (1997-12-05) (Japan)
Running time
104 minutes[1]

Full Metal Yakuza (FULL METAL 極道) is a 1997 Japanese action and satire[2] film directed by Takashi Miike. It was written by Itaru Era and based on a story by Hiroki Yamaguchi.

Originally released in Japan's direct-to-video market (V-Cinema), the film has gained more popularity because of the reputation of its controversial director.[3]


Aspiring yakuza Kensuke Hagane (Tsuyoshi Ujiki) is killed by gang violence along his idol and Yakuza boss Tosa (Takeshi Caesar). Their corpses wind up in the hands of a scientist, who manages to keep Kensuke alive by replacing much of his body with cyborg pieces and some parts of Tosa, making him bulletproof and super strong. Kensuke then escapes from the scientist and searches for those responsible to get revenge.



Full Metal Yakuza was released in Japan direct-to-video on December 5, 1997 where it was released by Tokuma Japan Communications.[1]


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