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This article is about the 1974 to 1992 American record label. For the black metal record label, see Full Moon Productions.

Full Moon Records was an American record label existing from 1974 to 1992. Prominent signed groups include Chicago and Dan Fogelberg.

Beginning in 1974 with Fogelberg, Full Moon Records was originally a subsidiary "spin-off" label from Epic Records that was created by Irving Azoff. The first album to be released under the label was Fogelberg's second album, "Souvenirs". Since 1980, distribution moved from CBS to Warner Bros., including some of the artists that were with the Full Moon label (movie soundtracks included) record their albums. Some of these artists include Chicago, Grand Funk Railroad, and Johnny Lee. This, along with the label itself, continued until the company shut down and became defunct in 1992, being absorbed into Warner Bros.. The only exception was Fogelberg, whose Full Moon recordings were and are still distributed by Epic.

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