Fulla (singer)

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Origin Algeria
Genres Music of Algeria, Arabic music, pop, Arabesque-pop music
Labels Rotana

Fulla (Arabic:فلة) (also known as Fella Ababsa, Fulah, Folla) is an Algerian singer.[1] Her album Badr 14 was released in 2004 which made her famous. Her second album, Ahla al Maghna was anticipatedly released in 2005 and by that time this Algerian star was at the height of her fame. Lama ra Eato is her latest album and contains seven songs. The first single, Enta Habibi (You are my honey) ranked #5 on the official Pepsi Top Ten on the Rotana charts[citation needed]

Fulla recently stated at a news conference she held in Dubai that Syrian singer Asalah and her husband Tareq EL Aryan helped her enter Egypt.

Fulla is signed to Rotana the biggest record company in the Middle East.


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