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Fuller Lake is the body of water with 1.7 acres (0.0069 km2) of surface area[1] in the former Pine Grove Quarry in Pennsylvania. During the period of iron ore excavation when the pit depth had sufficiently increased, mountain springs that filled the quarry required pumping (modern inflow maintains a low water temperature for swimming). A beach was added in the 20th century, and in 1965, Fuller Lake was closed due to contamination[2] (subsequently reopened). The lake's lifeguards were eliminated for the 2008 season but were restored in 2009[3] after a July 2008 drowning.[4] It is located in Cooke Township, Cumberland County.

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Coordinates: 40°02′27″N 77°15′44″W / 40.04088°N 77.26212°W / 40.04088; -77.26212