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Silver denier of Fulmar of Karden, Archbishop of Trier, issued ca. 1186-1189 by the cathedral chapter. Obverse shows the mitered archbishop with a crosier; reverse shows two towers and a roofed apse surmounted by a cross, probably representing the cathedral.

Fulmar of Karden (ca. 1135 – 1189), also occurring in the variant forms Folmar, Vollmar, Formal, or Formator, was the Archbishop of Trier from 1183 and the last not also to be a prince elector. He opposed the emperor in the late twelfth-century phase of the Investiture Controversy.

Possibly a relation of the Counts of Bliescastel,[1] Fulmar was probably born in the city of Karden on the Moselle, and became an archdeacon in Trier. He was appointed by Pope Lucius III and (after a certain amount of intriguing by various factions, including Fulmar's supporter, Henry III, Duke of Limburg) was elected archbishop by a part of the cathedral chapter in 1183, being consecrated by Pope Urban III on Whit-Sunday of 1186. His accession to the archbishopric was opposed by Frederick Barbarossa, who had the Provost Rudolf of Wied invested as anti-archbishop. Despite the support of Fulmar's claim by the Archbishop of Köln, Philip of Heinsberg, who erected a fortress in Zeltingen to that purpose,[2] neither he nor his competitor Rudolf ever gained full possession of the see, and both were deprived by Pope Clement III in 1189.[3]

Fulmar then proceeded to France, and thence to England, where, according to Roger of Hoveden's Chronicle, "Formalis Treverensis archiepiscopus" was among those prelates concelebrating the coronation of King Richard I of England in September 1189,[4] subsequently attending a royal council at Pipewell,[5] and dying the same year, still in exile, at Northampton.[6] The schism was ended in 1190 with the consecration of John, Archdeacon of Speyer and Provost of the monastery of St. Germain, as John I.[7]


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