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A Daoist fulu talisman

Fulu (Chinese: 符籙) is a term for Daoist practitioners in the past who could draw and write supernatural talismans, Fu (Chinese: ), Shenfu (Chinese: 神符) which they believed functioned as summons or instructions to deities, spirits, or as tools of exorcism, as medicinal potions for ailments. It is believed by Taoists that in the past the ability to write Shenfu had been once decreed by their deities to authorized priests or daoshi. Lu (Chinese: ) is a register and compilation of the membership of the daoshi as well as the skills they were able to use. These practitioners are also called Fulu Pai (Chinese: 符籙派) or the Fulu Sect made up of daoshi from different schools or offshoots of Taojia.

Daoist scripture[edit]

One of the earliest classical scripture referring to Fu was the Huangdi Yinfujing (Chinese: 黃帝陰符經), although it does not contain specific instructions to write any talisman.

The second chapter of each of the three grottoes in the Daozang is a record of the history and feats of the Fulu Sect.

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