Ulmus × hollandica 'Fulva'

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Ulmus × hollandica
Hybrid parentage U. glabra × U. minor
Cultivar 'Fulva'
Origin Germany

The hybrid elm cultivar Ulmus × hollandica 'Fulva' is one of a number of cultivars arising from the crossing of Wych Elm U. glabra with Field Elm U. minor. Originally raised by Hesse's Nurseries, Weener, Germany, it was first mentioned in Meded. Committee. Best. Iepenz. 10: 9, 1932, but without description.[1]

NB. The tree should not be confused with Ulmus fulva, a synonym of the American Red, or Slippery, Elm now known as Ulmus rubra.


Not available.

Pests and diseases[edit]

A specimen at the Ryston Hall [1], Norfolk, arboretum, obtained from the Späth nursery in Berlin before 1914,[2] was killed by the earlier strain of Dutch elm disease prevalent in the 1930s.


No specimens are known to survive.


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