Fulvia Celica Siguas Sandoval

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Fulvia Celica Siguas Sandoval was a Peruvian transsexual woman. She had 64 different operations since 1979,[1] to change her physical sexual characteristics, or for cosmetic enhancements, and is the Guinness Book of World Records record holder for the most gender reassignment surgeries.[2] Sandoval, who was on TV for practicing clairvoyance, hit the news in 1998, when she registered as a candidate in the mayoral elections in Lima, Peru.[3] She reported to the news agency Reuters: "I have liked politics for a long time, but people like me have always been marginalized. Because I have been operated on, they think I am simply a queer."

Sandoval died on September 10, 2004, in her apartment in Jesus María, Lima.[4]