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Fumio Hayashi (林 文雄, Hayashi Fumio, November 26, 1900 – July 18, 1947) was a Japanese physician and leprologist. He worked in Tama Zenshoen Sanatorium, Nagashima Aiseien Sanatorium, Hoshizuka Keiaien Sanatorium and Ooshima Seishoen Sanatorium. He helped with Kensuke Mitsuda, and completed the first lepromin test or Mitsuda skin test.

Fumio Hayashi
Born November 26, 1900
Sapporo, Hokkaido
Died July 18, 1947
Nationality Japan
Occupation Physician, Director of leper hospitals
Known for Completion of lepromin reaction or Mitsuda reaction



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Lepromin test[edit]

  • Kensuke Mitsuda wrote in 1919 his first paper on lepromin test, also called Mitsuda's skin test later.[1] But he regarded himself a pathologist and not an immunologist, so, he wanted other researchers of leprosy who came under him to complete it. Among other researchers, Fumio Hayashi completed it. Hayashi read a paper on it at a leprosy conference at Bangkok. Masao Ota, a dermatologist who also studied leprosy, was very much impressed by the paper, and tried to publish International Journal of Leprosy. Hayashi's paper was in its first issue.


  • Papers on leprosy. No 4. Papers by Fumio Hayashi(1951) Okayama. (Hayashi's 12 papers are included)


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