Fumio Koizumi Prize for Ethnomusicology

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Fumio Koizumi Prize in Ethnomusicology
Awarded for Outstanding contribution to ethnomusicology
Country Japan
Presented by Fumio Koizumi Trust
First awarded 1989
Website http://www.geidai.ac.jp/labs/koizumi/awarde/index.html

The Fumio Koizumi Prize (Japanese: 小泉文夫音楽賞) is an international award for achievements in ethnomusicology, presented annually in Tokyo, Japan. The prize is awarded by the Fumio Koizumi (小泉文夫) Trust each April 4, the date of Fumio's birthday.[1] The recipient receives an award certificate in addition to prize money. The winners must be present at the ceremony, deliver a prize lecture, and deliver another lecture at another Japanese university of his/her choice.

Entry and prize consideration[edit]

Nominations for the Fumio Koizumi Prize can be made only by the members of the Fumio Koizumi Prize Committee. The prize Committee consists of seven members, outstanding Japanese scholars in musicology and ethnomusicology. Committee designates independent experts to evaluate each entry and discusses all the entries at the meeting, held in Tokyo in December. The winner can be a single scholar, of a group of scholars. The prize awarding ceremony is held in Tokyo, in April–May.


The Fumio Koizumi Trust was established by Koizumi Mieko, widow of Professor Koizumi Fumio (1927–83), on October 11, 1989, to commemorate her husband's lifelong devotion to ethnomusicology and to honour individuals and organizations who have made significant contributions to this field. The first Fumio Koizumi Prize was awarded in 1989 to a British ethnomusicologist John Blacking, and to Ethnomusicology Research Group of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. Up to now, 27 individuals and 2 groups have been awarded this prize. List of the winners of the prize together with the reasons for the award can be seen at the Fumio Koizumi Prize in Ethnomusicology Website [2] From 2009 year onwards presented prize lecture texts are also placed on the prize website.

List of Recipients of the Fumio Koizumi Prize[edit]


  • John Blacking (Professor emeritus, Queen's University, Belfast, United Kingdom)
  • Ethnomusicology Research Group of Tokyo Geijutsu Daigaku (Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music)


  • TŌGI Suenobu (Lecturer, Department of Ethnomusicology and Systematic Musicology, University of California, Los Angeles, performer of gagaku, Japanese court music)
  • Kunitachi Ongaku Daigaku Gakkigaku Shiryôkan (Collection for Organology, Kunitachi College of Music, Tokyo)


  • José Maceda (Professor emeritus, University of the Philippines)
  • Inobe Kiyoshi (Professor, Osaka College of Music)


  • William P. Malm (Professor, University of Michigan)
  • Nakagawa Shin (Associate Professor, Kyoto City University of Arts)


  • Bruno Nettl (Professor emeritus, University of Illinois)


  • Tran Van Khe (Professor emeritus, Université de Paris Sorbonne-Paris IV; director, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique)


  • Huang Xiangpeng (Professor, Former director, the Music Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Arts)


  • Tanimoto Kazuyuki (Professor, Director, Hokkaido Ainu Culture Research Center)



  • Tokomaru Yosihiko (Professor, Ochanomizu University)
  • Yamaguti Osamu (Professor, Osaka University)


  • Fujii Tomoaki (Professor, Associate director, The Chubu Institute for Advanced Studies, Chubu University)


  • Mamiya Michio (Professor, Toho Gakuen School of Music, composer)


  • Kawada Junzô (Professor, Hiroshima City University)


  • Tukitani Tuneko (Professor, Osaka University of Arts)



  • Yamada Yôichi (Professor, Kyoto City University of Arts)


  • I Made Bandem (Professor, Director, Indonesian Institute of the Arts – Yogyakarta)



  • Yuri Sheykin (Professor, Arctic State Institute of Culture and Arts)
  • Gerald Groemer (Professor, University of Yamanashi)


  • Simha Arom (Directeur de recherche émérite au Centre national de recherches scientifiques)
  • GAMÔ Satoaki (Emeritus researcher, National Research Institute for Cultural Properties,Tokyo)


  • Barbara Barnard Smith (Professor emerita, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa)
  • Joseph Jordania (Honorary fellow, University of Melbourne, Professor, Head of the Foreign Department of the International Research Centre for Traditional Polyphony at Tbilisi State Conservatory)


  • Shen Qia (Professor, China Conservatory of Music, Beijing)
  • Charles Keil (Professor Emeritus, Department of American Studies, University at Buffalo, State University of New York)


  • Izaly Zemtsovsky (Former Visiting Professor, Music & Slavic Depts., Stanford University)
  • Lee Bo-Hyung (President, The Society for Korean Discology)


  • Murray Schafer (Professor, Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto - The Glenn Gould School, composer)


  • Robert Garfias (Professor, University of California, Irvine)
  • Opera Theater Konnyakuza (Tokyo)


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