Fun! Fun! Fun!

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Fun! fun! fun!
Studio album by Shonen Knife
Released July 6, 2007
Genre Pop-punk
Label Blues Interactions Japan
Shonen Knife chronology
Genki Shock!
(2006)Genki Shock!2006
Fun! fun! fun!
Super Group
(2008)Super Group2008

Fun! fun! fun! is a pop-punk album by Japanese pop punk band Shonen Knife, released on July 6, 2007[1] on Blues Interactions Japan. The album marked the 25th anniversary of the band.

A remastered version with all-English lyrics (catalog number BF-7CD) was on sale during the band's European tour in 2009. The cover art of the English version has a blue background in place of the Japanese version's green background, and is in a regular CD jewel case instead of the Japanese version's cardboard gate-fold case.

Track listing (Japanese version)[edit]

  1. "重力無重力"
  2. "Barnacle"(ふじつぼ)
  3. "Flu"(インフルエンザ)
  4. "Ramones Forever"
  5. "Las Vegas"
  6. "Birthday"
  7. "ポップコーン" (Popcorn)
  8. "クッキーたべたい" (I Wanna Eat Cookies)
  9. "みなみのしま" (Southern Islands)
  10. "おやすみ" (Goodnight)

Track listing (English version)[edit]

Cover of English version (BF-7CD)
  1. Gravity Zero Gravity
  2. Barnacle
  3. Flu
  4. Ramones Forever
  5. Las Vegas
  6. Birthday
  7. Popcorn
  8. I Wanna Eat Cookies
  9. Southern Islands
  10. Good Night


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