Fun Factory (TV series)

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Fun Factory
Starring Andy Sheldon
Country of origin United Kingdom
Running time 4 hours
Original network Sky Channel
Original release 1985 – 1991

Fun Factory was a children's programme on the satellite television channel Sky Channel (later to become Sky One) that ran from 1985 to 1991. It continued as a programming block without a host up until 1994.

Original Programme[edit]

It was originally hosted by Mr P, who was later replaced by Andy Sheldon, Snoot the seal and Crocker the crocodile. The programme included cartoons such as:

Second Incarnation[edit]

After Sky Channel's renaming to Sky One in 1989, the Fun Factory name was used for a weekend block programming strand showing nothing but animated series, notably without any live-action presenters in-between the programmes - just animated interstitials. This version of the Fun Factory lasted from 1991 to September 1994, when it was replaced with The DJ Kat Show weekend spin-off, KTV. A partial list of series shown on the Sky One-era Fun Factory include:

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