Fun House (Bob & Tom album)

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Fun House
Studio album by Bob & Tom
Released 1997
Genre Comedy
Label Big Mouth Creative Services, Inc.
Producer Bob Kevoian, Tom Griswold, Dean Metcalf, Steve Allee
Bob & Tom chronology
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(1996)It's a Wonderful Laugh1996
Fun House
Gimme an "F"
(1997)Gimme an "F"1997

Fun House is a comedy album by The Bob & Tom Show, first released in August 1997. It is a single disc CD which represents original material recorded during their syndicated, daily radio show and other studio numbers which had not been previously presented on air.

Track listings[edit]

1."Cathy & Pappy" 2:25
2."Working"Greg Fitzsimmons0:48
3."Harrassaway"The Love Brothers4:29
4."Fred"Rodney Carrington2:02
5."Marge & Paula" 3:40
6."The Skeleton"Mohandes K. Gandhi0:26
7."Mom"Greg Fitzsimmons1:06
8."Pull My Finger Charlie" 1:46
9."You Can Be Mean To Me"Heywood Banks2:13
10."The Pallbearer"Jeff Rothpan0:33
11."Feminine Hygiene"Todd Yohn3:30
12."Douche Commercial"Renee Hicks0:54
13."Ch-Ch-Ch-Chick"The Chick McGee Experience4:29
14."A Girl Like You"The Mad Armenians4:15
15."Pictionary, Etc."Bruce Clark1:40
16."Hockers" 2:03
17."The Sexy Trekkie"Matt Weinhold0:52
18."Harry & Miss Universe" 4:41
19."He Said, She Heard"Sean Morey2:52
20."Spit Take Theater" 1:08
21."Yiddish For Rednecks"Robert Rothstein0:41
22."The Nail" 1:29
23."Crime & Punishment"Mark Cordes1:12
24."Tim's Blues"Tim Cavanagh3:55
25."Men & Women"Steve McGrew2:11
26."I Kill You"Tim Wilson1:56
27."Hurt Me Elmo" 1:57
28."Phone Message To Dad"Sam Griswold0:14
29."Ian & The Dinosaur"Ian St. Ian4:54
30."The Guiding Shiite" 3:12
31."Hot Coffee"Mike Saccone1:25
32."Marge & Martha" 4:39
33."Time To Go"Steve Altman0:23
Total length:1:13:42