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Fun with Charades was an early Australian television program which aired on Sundays from late 1956 to early 1958 on Melbourne station HSV-7. The show was originally hosted by Miles Maxwell, a school-teacher at Brighton Grammar School.[1] Later episodes were hosted by Danny Webb.[2] The format was near-identical to the American series Pantomime Quiz, which itself saw an Australian version in 1957 on stations ATN-7 and GTV-9. It is not known if Fun with Charades was ever kinescoped.


Two teams of four members compete. One member of the team is told the charade (which could be the title of a book, play, etc.) and without saying anything has to act it out, with his team needing to figure out the answer within 60 seconds.


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The following game shows also debuted on station HSV-7 during late 1956:

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