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Coordinates: 0°18′27″S 73°25′51″E / 0.3076°S 73.4308°E / -0.3076; 73.4308 Funaadu is an administrative division of Fuvahmulah, Maldives. This is one of the largest wards in Fuvahmulah. The origin of its name lies in some large groves of the tree known locally as "Funa" (Calophyllum inophyllum) that were located on its southern end.


Fishing and agriculture along with white-collar jobs are the primary source of income. Large taro marshes can be found on the southeastern side of the ward which is the main source of Agriculture.

Places of interest[edit]

  • Bondo Kirigehe (Bodu Nikagas): allegedly the oldest tree in Fuvahmulah.
  • Hafiz Ahmed School: one of the four primary schools in Fuvahmulah.
  • Diyarehifaando: the mouth of the island's lagoon in the past.
  • Ribaath: an historical shrine from the ancient past.
  • "Kalho akiri gando": a unique location of black pebbles which can be found in the beach areas of Funaadu and Dhoondigan.
  • Fuvahmulaku Airport: airport of Fuvahmulah is situated in the areas of Funaadu and Dhoondigan.

Notable people[edit]