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Functional chewing gum
VariationsNicotine gum, dental gum

Functional chewing gum is the name given to types of chewing gum which impart some practical function instead of, or in addition to, the usual enjoyment provided by a traditional chewing gum as a confectionery product. Examples of this include nicotine gum which is used to aid smoking cessation & so-called Think Gum which designers say they believe may enhance mental functioning. It could be argued that most gum (at least the mint varieties) provides some function in that they can improve bad breath, but such an effect is so widespread that the term 'functional' is almost always applied to gum with some additional function.[1] Medical uses for 'functional chewing gum' include a reported reduction in the duration of post-operative ileus following abdominal and specifically gastrointestinal surgery.[2]

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