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Fundação Getulio Vargas, FGV
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Type Private
Established December 20, 1944; 73 years ago (December 20, 1944)
President Carlos Ivan Simonsen Leal
Location Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil
Campus Rio de Janeiro
São Paulo
Affiliations Council on Business & Society, AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS

Fundação Getulio Vargas (Getúlio Vargas Foundation, often abbreviated as FGV or simply GV) is a Brazilian higher education institution founded on December 20, 1944. It offers regular courses of Economics, Business Administration, Law, Social Sciences and Information technology management. Its original goal was to train people for the country's public- and private-sector management. Other courses began to be offered as the institution grew. It is considered by Foreign Policy magazine to be a top-5 "policymaker think-tank" worldwide.[1]

FGV produces a large amount of academic research. The subjects cover macro and micro-economics, finance, business, decision-making, law, health, welfare, poverty and unemployment, pollution, and sustainable development. The foundation also maintains research programs in the fields of History, Social Sciences, Education, Justice, Citizenship, and Politics. FGV also executes projects at the request of the public sector, private enterprise and international agencies such as the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). Notable examples of such work include assistance for the successful Rio de Janeiro bids for the 2007 Pan American Games and the 2016 Summer Olympics.

FGV Management offers graduate programs in various fields in its Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo campuses.

FGV also offers in-company courses FGV's customers in this area include Caixa Econômica Federal, Banco do Brasil, Banco Itaú, Furnas Centrais Elétricas and Rede Ferroviária Federal, among others. Short-term programs include IDE's Business Administration Course ("Curso de Administração de Empresas" – CADEMP) and distance-learning programs such as FGV Online.

In the 2009 QS Global 200 Business Schools Report[2] the school was ranked 3rd in South America.


The Foundation has the following units in Rio de Janeiro:

And these units in São Paulo:

It also features:


FGV-EAESP is the only Brazilian school to receive Triple accreditation from all three major international accreditation institutions (and one of only 55 schools worldwide):

Partner Institutions of FGV-EAESP[edit]

FGV Online[edit]

FGV Online, created in 2000, is an online university program. FGV Online serves undergraduate, graduate and MBA students, executives and entrepreneurs, and corporate universities developing e-learning projects.

The program is committed to disseminating knowledge generated at the various FGV schools and research institutes. The method of FGV Online includes support from video, animations and learning games. Besides conventional media − booklet and CD-ROM −, distance courses rely on ICTs such as satellite broadcast closed-circuit TV, videoconferencing and the Internet, to stimulate interaction between the students and the lecturer-tutor and enabling knowledge reconstruction.

The FGV Online Program offers the following distance learning modes:

Corporate Courses[edit]

FGV Corporate Courses Program was launched by the IDE in 2005, with the objective of offering organizations − public and private sector companies, governmental bodies, and associations − the educational opportunities developed by FGV schools and institutions.

These corporate courses are customized in order to meet each organization's specific needs. Programs may be presential or mixed with distance learning tools. Every customized course must be approved by the Fundação Getúlio Vargas schools and institutes. The Corporate Courses Program also relies on support from a Board of FGV Deans that guides and evaluates actions.

The FGV Corporate Courses Program has also recently started operations in Angola, through FGV faculty members who are delivering customized Administration and Economics courses there.

FGV Corporate Courses has recently offered programs in the following areas, among others:

  • Administration: Strategic Management, Marketing Management, Production Management, HR Management, Financial Management, Tax Management, Environmental Management, Cooperatives Management, Public Policy, Information Technology, Negotiations, International Negotiations, Leadership, Project Management, Hospital and Health Management, and Film and TV Management.
  • Economics and Finance: Economic and Industrial Analyses, Financial Valuation, Risk Assessments, Economics for Journalists, and Personal Assets Management.
  • Law: Arbitration and Mediation, Environmental Law, Contracts Law, Business Law, Civil Procedural Law, Labor Law, Corporations Law, Stock Markets Law, Third Sector Law, Tax Law, Public-Private Partnerships, Intellectual Property, Liability, Electric Power Industry Regulation, and Corporate Bankruptcy and Recovery.

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