Fundamentalist Presbyterian Church in Brazil

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Igreja Presbiteriana Fundamentalista do Brasil
Orientation Calvinist
Polity Presbyterian
Founder Israel Furtado Gueiros
Origin 1996
Separated from Presbyterian Church of Brazil
Members 1.800-2.000

The Fundamentalist Presbyterian Church in Brazil was founded in 1956 in northeastern part of Brazil under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Israel Gueiros. A schism occurred in the Presbyterian Church of Brazil, because of the inspiration of the Bible and other doctrinal issues. Today the church has 5 presbytery and the denomination are about to form a Synod. Has its own journal and started evangeliszic projects. The church has 1,800–2,000 members and 27 congregations.[1]

The church has connections with other fundamentalist churches and Carl McIntire. The church adhere to the Apostle Creed and Westminster Confession of Faith.[2]

The current moderator is José Pereira de Barros.[3]

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