Fundo das Figueiras

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Fundo das Figueiras
Church of Saint John Baptist
Church of Saint John Baptist
Fundo das Figueiras is located in Cape Verde
Fundo das Figueiras
Fundo das Figueiras
Coordinates: 16°08′20″N 22°43′30″W / 16.139°N 22.725°W / 16.139; -22.725Coordinates: 16°08′20″N 22°43′30″W / 16.139°N 22.725°W / 16.139; -22.725
Country Cape Verde
Island Boa Vista
Municipality Boa Vista
Civil parish São João Baptista
Population (2010)[1]
 • Total 241
Welcome sign at Fundo das Figueiras

Fundo das Figueiras (Cape Verde Creole: Fund’ d’ F’géra[citation needed]) is a village in the eastern part of the island of Boa Vista. The village is around 21 km east of the island capital of Sal Rei. It is also the seat of the civil parish of São João Baptista. To the south is Tarales and 5 km east southeast is the easternmost point in Cape Verde.

The village has a church of Saint John Baptist (São João Baptista)[2] and a restaurant name Tieta.[3] It also has a football (soccer) stadium[4] The northeastern part forms a part of a natural park of Norte. Since 2008, an NGO has been active protecting turtle egg laying sites on the Porto Ferreira beach, east of Fundo das Figueiras.[5]

It has a rock formation named Fundo das Figueiras in which the settlement is located, the mountain rocks are mainly composes of the formation formed 16 million years ago.[6]

Its famous festivities is the festival of Saint John celebrated along with two other communities of Cabeça dos Tarrafes and João Galego.[7]

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