Fundred Dollar Bill Project

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The Fundred Dollar Bill Project is an art project implemented by Mel Chin, and is aimed to connect and represent the voices of children across the United States, with the end goal to propose a funding solution for the lead contamination in the soil of New Orleans, Louisiana. People in the United States and around the globe are invited to draw their own 100 dollar bills and send to collection centers, or schools, for safekeeping. During a nationwide road-trip in an armored truck, the Fundred Dollar Bills will be collected.

The completed Fundred Dollar Bills will be presented to Congress for an even exchange of U.S. dollars to help the remediation of lead in the soil of New Orleans. This funding supports Operation Paydirt, which is the program that, once implemented, will make the lead content in the soil safe for inhabitants of New Orleans and cities affected by lead poisoning-across the United States.