Funeral Diner

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Funeral Diner
Funeral Diner Live.jpg
Background information
Origin Half Moon Bay, California
Genres Screamo, emo, post-rock
Instruments Vocals, guitars, drums
Years active 1998-2007
Labels Numerous record labels
Associated acts Sterling Says
...Who Calls So Loud
Portraits of Past
Nexus Six
Sheep Squeeze
Living War Room
Lost Ground
Past members Seth Babb
Dan Bajda
Matt Bajda
Dave Mello
Ben Steidel
Sean O' Shea
Rob Beckstrom
Andy Radin
Phil Benson

Funeral Diner (1998–2007) was a screamo band from Half Moon Bay, California, located near San Francisco, playing self-described "screamy, chaotic, melodic hardcore."[1] During their last few years, the band established a strong cult fanbase through a near constant string of releases and a touring schedule during which they visited the United States, Europe, and Japan.[2][3]

The band had a large catalog of splits and compilation tracks on various records. They rarely pressed CDs, and kept many of their releases in limited quantities and one-time pressings, jumping from label to label, though their last few major recordings were released by Alone Records.[4][5] Their most recent full-length, The Underdark, was issued on Alone in 2005.[6]

Members of the band were previously affiliated with other groups such as Nexus Six, Portraits of Past,[7] Living War Room, Lost Ground, Sheep Squeeze, and Takaru. After the breakup, members have gone on to form Stirling Says, ...Who Calls So Loud, Pills, and Lemonade.

Though rooted in first wave emo, hardcore emo and early screamo characteristics, the band later included elements of post-rock.[8] Funeral Diner's albums have attracted significant coverage from rock press outlets.[9]


Final Lineup[edit]

  • Seth Babb: vocals
  • Dan Bajda: guitar/vocals
  • Matthew Bajda: drums
  • Dave Mello: guitar
  • Ben Steidel: bass

Former Members[edit]

  • Sean O' Shea: bass
  • Rob Beckstrom: bass
  • Andy Radin: bass
  • Phil Benson: vocals


Studio Albums[edit]

Year Album Details Notes
2002 Difference Of Potential
  • Released: August 2002 (CD)
    September 2003 (LP)
  • Label: Ape Must Not Kill Ape
  • Format: CD, LP
LP edition limited to 1000 black colored copies
2005 The Underdark
  • Released: April 2005
  • Label: Alone Records
  • Format: CD, LP
First issued through Alone Records in April 2005 on CD and vinyl formats. First vinyl pressing included black and clear vinyl, 1200 copies of the black vinyl and an unknown amount of copies of the clear vinyl. In 2015, to celebrate the album's tenth anniversary, Repeater Records reissue the album on grey colored vinyl, 524 copies total.

Extended Plays[edit]

Year Album Details Notes
2002 The Wicked
  • Released: August 2002 (CD)
    May 2004 (10")
  • Label: Sorry Records
    Alone Records
  • Format: CD, 10"
First released in August 2002 on CD format through Sorry Records. Later reissued on CD and 10" vinyl formats in 2004 through Alone Records with different artwork and an extra track.
2005 Swept Under
  • Released: 2005
  • Label: LilacSky Records, Audio Is A War (10")
    Cosmic Note Records (CD)
  • Format: CD, 10"
10" edition issued through both LilacSky Records and Audio Is A War. CD edition, issued by Cosmic Note Records, includes different artwork and extra remixed versions of Funeral Diner tracks appended to the end.
2006 Bag Of Holding
  • Released: 2006
  • Label: Self-released
  • Format: 3" CD
Tour edition EP released as a home burned 3" CD. Edition of 75, all copies handnumbered.
2007 Doors Open'
  • Released: March 2007
  • Label: Self-released (CD)
    Vendetta Records, Adagio830 (12")
  • Format: CD, 12"
CD edition independently released by the band for their 2007 Japan tour. The single-sided 12" edition was released between Vendetta Records and Adagio830 in Germany. This edition included different artwork from the CD edition and was released in edition of 600 black colored copies.

Split Releases[edit]

Year Album Details Notes
1999 Nexus Six/Funeral Diner
  • Released: January 1999
  • Label: Old Glory Records
  • Format: LP
Edition of 1000 black colored copies. Split with Nexus Six.
2000 The World Of Forms
  • Released: August 2000
  • Label: Ape Must Not Kill Ape
  • Format: LP
Edition of 1000 black colored copies, 50 of which came packaged in hand stamped sleeves. Split with Staircase.
2001 The Shivering/Funeral Diner
  • Released: November 2001
  • Label: Into The Hurricane
    Unfun Records
    City Boot Records
  • Format: LP
Edition of 600 handnumbered black colored copies. Split with The Shivering.
2002 A Split Seven Inch
  • Released: October 2002
  • Label: Vendetta Records
  • Format: 7"
Three pressings total: 525 make up the first, 440 for the second, and 520 for the third, all of which adding up to 1485 black colored vinyl copies total. The second and third pressings where handnumbered. Split with Zann.
2003 Music Inspired By Rites Of Spring Part One
  • Released: September 2003
  • Label: Fire Walk With Me
  • Format: 7"
Rites of Spring tribute 7" split with The Saddest Landscape. Edition of 780 black colored copies.
2003 Dead City/Funeral Diner
  • Released: September 2003
  • Label: Old Glory Records
    So Much To Give
  • Format: LP
1000 black colored copies and about 140 test pressings. About 130 of the test pressings where sold by Dead City on tour with unique artwork and inserts. About 12 copies where packaged in manilla envelopes and had artwork done by Dan Davis of Kodan Armada. Including these two "artwork variations", about 6 different variations of artwork exist for this release. Split with Dead City.
2004 I Just Want To Feel This Way Forever
  • Released: June 2004 (CD)
    May 2005 (10")
  • Label: Falling Leaves (CD)
    Somberlain (10")
  • Format: CD, 10"
First issued as a CD through Falling Leaves in 2004. Reissued on 10" vinyl format through Somberlain with alternative artwork in 2005 as an edition of 675: 340 black, 335 mint-green. Split with Evylock.
2004 A Seven Inch Split
  • Released: June 2004
  • Label: Red Cars Go Faster Records
  • Format: 7"
Edition of 1030 copies: 570 black, 460 champagne clear. 141 of the black copies where handnumbered European tour editions, and 123 of the clear copies were handnumbered as well. All copies of the split where pressed on thick 70 gram vinyl. Split with Raein.
2004 Welcome The Plague Year/Funeral Diner
  • Released: July 2004
  • Label: Electric Human Project
  • Format: 7"
2000 copies total: 1000 blue, 700 black, 200 clear, and 100 white. Split with Welcome The Plague Year.
2007 Ampere/Funeral Diner
  • Released: July 2007
  • Label: Clean Plate Records, Electric Human Project
  • Format: 9"
Released in edition of 1000: 800 black, 200 grey. All copies where actually single-sided with etching all over the B-side and some even on the A-side. Split with Ampere.

Compilation Albums[edit]

Year Album Details Notes
2003 Three Sides Dead
  • Released: September 2003
  • Label: LilacSky Records
  • Format: CD
Compilation album composed of all of Funeral Diner's tracks from their splits with Nexus Six, Staircase, and The Shivering.
2003 ...Is Dead
  • Released: September 2003
  • Label: Self-released
  • Format: CD-R
Tour edition homeburned CD-R, edition of 200. Sold through the band's 2003 European tour. Compilation composed of tracks that will later appear on their splits with Evylock, Raein, and Welcome The Plague Year.

Compilation Appearances[edit]

Year Album Details Song
2003 Inspiration From Forest
  • Released: November 2004
  • Label: Falling Leaves
  • Format: CD
2004 A Sequel Of A Story
  • Released: August 2003 (CD)
    February 2004 (LP)
  • Label: Cosmic Note (CD)
    City Boot Records, Correlation Records, Coldbringer Recordings (LP)
  • Format: CD, LP
"This Truly Is God's Country"
2006 The Emo Apocalypse
  • Released: May 2006
  • Label: React With Protest
  • Format: LP
2008 Droning Earth Vol. 4
  • Released: October 2008
  • Label: Droning Earth
  • Format: DL
"Two Houses"


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