Public housing estates in Diamond Hill

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The following shows the public housing estates in Diamond Hill, Wong Tai Sin District, Kowloon, Hong Kong.



Name Type Inaug. No Blocks No Units Notes
Fung Tak Estate 鳳德邨 TPS 1991 7 1,659
Fung Chuen Court 鳳鑽苑 HOS 1991 1 612
Fung Lai Court 鳳禮苑 HOS 1997 2 690
Lung Poon Court 龍蟠苑 HOS 1987 7 3,680

Fung Chuen Court[edit]

Fung Chuen Court (Chinese: 鳳鑽苑) is a Home Ownership Scheme court in Diamond Hill, near Fung Tak Estate. It has one block built in 1991.

Name[1] Type Completion
Fung Chuen Court Trident 1991

Fung Lai Court[edit]

Fung Lai Court (Chinese: 鳳禮苑) is a Home Ownership Scheme court in Diamond Hill, near Fung Tak Estate. It has two blocks built in 1997.

Name[2] Type Completion
Fung Hei House NCB 1997
Fung Yan House

Fung Tak Estate[edit]

Fung Tak Estate

Fung Tak Estate (Chinese: 鳳德邨) is a public housing estate and Tenants Purchase Scheme estate in Diamond Hill, near Lung Poon Court, Plaza Hollywood, Galaxia and MTR Diamond Hill Station.[3] It has 7 blocks built in 1991.[4] It is named from nearby Fung Tak Road.[5] In 1998, some of the flats were sold to tenants through Tenants Purchase Scheme Phase 1.[6][7]

Name[8] Type Completion
Toi Fung House Trident 3 1991
Tsz Fung House
Pik Fung House
Chu Fung House
Suet Fung House Trident 4
Ngan Fung House New Slab
Ban Fung House

Lung Poon Court[edit]

Lung Poon Court

Lung Poon Court (Chinese: 龍蟠苑) is a Home Ownership Scheme estate in Diamond Hill, located between Lung Cheung Road and Fung Tak Street, near Plaza Hollywood and MTR Diamond Hill Station. Formerly a part of Tai Hom Village (Chinese: 大磡村), the estate has a total of 7 residential buildings and a shopping centre completed in 1987 and 1992 respectively.[9][10][11]

Name[12] Type Completion
Lung San House NCB 1987
Lung Wu House
Lung Chu House
Lung Kei House
Lung Cheung House
Lung Pik House
Lung Wan House

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