Funivia di San Marino

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Funivia di San Marino

The Funivia di San Marino is an aerial cable car in San Marino. The cable car runs from a lower terminus in Borgo Maggiore to the upper station in the City of San Marino. Rolled out in 1959 and modernized two times, the first in the 90's and the second in 2017, it is one of the most used means of transport to reach the capital, especially by tourists and workers. It is managed by the State Company for Public Services.

Technical data[edit]

  • Length: 338 m
  • Difference in altitude: 166 m
  • Speed: 6 m/s
  • Maximum capacity: 50 + 1 people per cabin
  • Maximum capacity: 1 200 people per hour
  • Traction power: 180 kW

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Coordinates: 43°56′25″N 12°26′44″E / 43.9404°N 12.4455°E / 43.9404; 12.4455