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OriginRosenheim, Germany
Years active1996–2006, 2015-
Past membersChris de Luca
Michael Fakesch

Funkstörung (German for "radio interference",[1] sometimes also spelled Funkstorung[2]) are an IDM musical duo from Rosenheim, Germany; consisting of Christian de Luca (born 11 May 1974) and Michael Fakesch (born 8 March 1975). They are known for rhythmically complex and melody driven music, similar to the late 1990s work of Autechre, although their latest work incorporates elements of hip hop as well as pop music. They also do a lot of remix work, their portfolio including top-level artists such as Jean Michel Jarre, Wu-Tang Clan and Björk. Three of the seven Funkstörung albums are collection of remixes for other artists.

One strong point of Funkstörung's releases has always been their cover art and design, often done by The Designers Republic. This attention to graphic design was taken to its logical conclusion when they released Isolated. Triple Media. in 2004, a 160-page artbook and a DVD with graphics and music videos related to Disconnected. Both de Luca and Fakesch have released solo albums, most of them on their own Musik aus Strom label.

Band biography[edit]

The duo reportedly first met in 1992, when de Luca DJed on a techno party organised by Fakesch. Their diverse musical backgrounds (hip hop and Heavy Metal) notwithstanding, they initially produced straight minimalist techno under the name Musik Aus Strom (German for music made of electricity) and signed for a six-album deal to Unit Moebius' label Bunker Records/Acid Planet in 1994. Acid Planet was unable to release anything until 1996 due to monetary constraints, however, and de Luca and Fakesch adopted the name Funkstörung and used the moniker Musik Aus Strom for their own label, on which they released a few EPs with a new, more melodic and rhythmically complex IDM/Glitch sound. After more EPs on the Compost and Chocolate Industries labels and a series of high-profile remixes for Björk mit Funkstörung on Fat Cat Records and Wu-Tang Clan, they finally signed to !K7 Records in 1999.

Their first album on !K7, Additional Productions, was a collection of these remixes. Their first full-length album Appetite for Disctruction followed the next year in 2000. On it, their style evolved further, including more collaborations with MCs on the tracks "Grammy Winners" and "Sounds like a Breakrecord" as well as first experiments with guest singers. "Grammy Winners" was released as a single and video. Their next album Vice Versa (2001) was yet another collection of remixes, this time including versions of songs by Jean Michel Jarre, The Notwist and Tocotronic.

On their next album Disconnected, they added some distinctly pop-oriented songs, featuring guest vocalists Louise Rhodes (of Lamb), Sarah Jay (known for her work with Massive Attack) and Enik. Disconnected also served as the launch pad for their project Isolate. A series of photographs was made available on their website, and visitors were encouraged to alter them and send them back. The results, including both still graphics and videos to Disconnected tracks, were published as the book/DVD combination Isolated. Triple Media. in 2004. Their video Chopping Heads directed by Keep Adding and Scott Pagano was selected for the 2005 International Critic's Week at Cannes Film Festival.[3]

In June 2005, Funkstörung released another album called The Return to the Acid Planet to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their first release. Stylistically, it was very reminiscent of their Acid Planet work – indeed, most of the songs were from that time, and were touched up to modern production standards. The biggest change was replacing the standard straight acid house beats with 808-sounding breakbeats. The album was only released in a limited vinyl edition and in the iTunes Music Store.

In the beginning of August 2006, a statement was published on, stating that the duo had officially broken up due to musical, personal and practical differences. Both Michael Fakesch and Christian de Luca will continue making music with their respective solo projects. In June 2015, Funkstörung released a new album Funkstörung on Monkeytown Records.


Title Format Label Catalog number Year Notes
Godzilla vs. Metalhead Single Acid Planet 15 1995 vinyl only
Untitled Mini-album Acid Planet 11 1996
Untitled Mini-album Acid Planet 12 1996
Untitled Mini-album Acid Planet 13 1996
Untitled Mini-album Acid Planet 14 1996
Elektromotor Mini-album Acid Planet 18 1996
Untitled Mini-album Bunker Records 024 1996
Untitled EP Musik Aus Strom 1.08 1996 vinyl only, also known as Oszillator EP and Musik Aus Strom EP EP Musik Aus Strom 2.09 1996 vinyl only
Artificial garbage EP Interr-fered Communications HM1205 1997 vinyl only
Funkentstört EP Compost 031-1 1997 vinyl only
Sonderdienste EP Compost 045-1 1997 vinyl only EP Chocolate Industries 002 1998
björkmitfunkstörung EP Fat Cat records 005 1998 Remixes of the Björk track All Is Full of Love
Additional Productions Album !K7 Records !K7028 1999 A collection of remixes
Appetite for Disctruction Album !K7 Records !K7087 2000
Multiple Grammy Winners EP !K7 Records !K7087EP 2000 Remixes of the "Appetite for Disctruction" track Grammy Winners
Vice Versa Album !K7 Records !K7108 2001 Another collection of remixes
Disconnected/Fat Camp Feva EP !K7 Records !K7162EP 2004 Two "Disconnected" album tracks, and a remix of each
Disconnected Album !K7 Records !K7162 2004
Moon Addicted/Chopping Heads EP !K7 Records !K7171EP 2004 Two "Disconnected" album tracks and two unreleased tracks
Isolated. Triple Media. Book/DVD !K7 / Die Gestalten Verlag !K7162 Book*+*DVD 2004 Compilation of Disconnected Audio CD, a video DVD of work for the album, and a book, ISBN 3-89955-107-9. Was titled "Most beautiful sleeve of 2004" by The Guardian.[4]
The Return to the Acid Planet Album !K7 Records !K7186LP 2005 Only available on vinyl and through electronic distribution
Appendix Album !K7 Records !K7210CD 2006 Another Remix collection
Funkstörung Album Monkeytown Records Monkeytown059LP 2015 LP (limited edition with bonus CD) [5] and download[6]


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