Funnel ball

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Modern-style plastic funnel ball setup.

Funnel ball is a common playground game.[1] A giant fiberglass or plastic funnel, roughly 5ft in diameter with a 45 degree pitch, is placed atop a post. The exits of the funnel are multiple 1ft diameter holes or tubes, projected parallel to the ground, and spaced equally around the bottom. Play consists of tossing a ball (such as a basketball or small medicine ball) into the mouth of the funnel and waiting for it to exit through one of the holes. Each hole is marked with a point value, e.g. 2, 4, 6 and 8 points. The ball usually bounces around inside the funnel for a short time, making the outcome of the shot nearly random. Shots which exit through a desired hole are rare because they require incredible accuracy, and because the target is somewhat hidden. There is no formal score to which games are played, and games can be played with high score winner or low score winner. Both team and "every-player-for-themselves" games are commonplace.


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