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Funny van Dannen.

Funny van Dannen (born Franz-Josef Hagmanns-Dajka in 1958 in Tüddern, The Netherlands, now in Germany) is a German singer, songwriter, author, and painter of Dutch origin.

He sings about politics, society, sexuality, religion, and many other topics, usually humorously. He accompanies his songs with guitar, sometimes with harmonica. He founded the band Lassie Singers. Since 1978 he has lived in Berlin. He is married and has four sons.

The punk band Die Toten Hosen interpreted some of his songs, notably Trauriges Arschloch, Bayern, Frauen dieser Welt, and Lesbische, schwarze Behinderte. Die Schröders, another punk rock band, made his song "Saufen" more famous.

As of 2007 van Dannen had released eleven record albums; with the exceptions of Info 3, Herzscheiße, Nebelmaschine, Trotzdem Danke and Saharasand, all were recorded live.


  • Clubsongs (1995)
  • Basics (1996)
  • Info3 (1997)
  • Uruguay (1999)
  • Melody Star (2000)
  • Groooveman (2002)
  • Herzscheiße (2003)
  • Nebelmaschine (2005)
  • Authentic Trip (2005)
  • Trotzdem danke (2007)
  • Saharasand (2009)
  • Fischsuppe (2012)
  • Geile Welt (2014)
  • come on (Live im Lido) (2016)


  • Spurt ins Glück (1991)
  • Jubel des Lebens (1993)
  • Am Wegesrand (1996)
  • Komm in meine Arme (1998)
  • Der Tag als Rosi kam (1997)
  • Neues von Gott (2004)
  • Zurück im Paradies (2007)

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