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Funoon Urdu: فنون‎ was an Urdu literary magazine published by Ahmad Nadeem Qasimi from Lahore, Pakistan.[1] The magazine was started by Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi and Habib Ashar in 1963.[1] The magazine ceased publication in July 2006.[1] Its publication was restarted in 2009.


Funoon's main purpose was to bring new and fresh talent to recognition. Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi was the first editor of this magazine. He used to make selections and edit the magazine till 2006.


The major sections that were always a part of Funoon magazine are:

  1. Tanqeedi mazameen (Essays)
  2. Ghazlen
  3. Nazmen (Poems)
  4. Afsanay (Short stories)
  5. Funoon e latifa (Fine arts)
  6. Mazah (Humor)
  7. Inshaiya (Article)

Restart of publication[edit]

The publication of Funoon magazine was restarted in 2009, by Naheed Qasmi and Nayyer Hayat Qasmi. Since then, it is being published continually. Till July 2016, its 137 volumes have been published.


There are various numbers published, some of them are "Mirza Ghalib" , "Khadija Mastoor" , "Akhtar Hussain Jafri" , "Parveen Shakir" and "Jadeed Urdu Ghazal Number".


The first title of Funoon magazine was composed by artist Abd-ur-Rehman Chughtai. Later, most of the titles were prepared by artist, Basheer Mujid. Now its titles are designed by Nafisa Hayat Qasmi.


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