Funter Bay

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Coordinates: 58°14′49″N 134°53′41″W / 58.24694°N 134.89472°W / 58.24694; -134.89472

Funter Bay in 2011, seen from the north

Funter Bay is a two-mile-long (3 km) bay on the western side of Admiralty Island near its northern tip, in the Alexander Archipelago of the U.S. state of Alaska. It lies within the Hoonah-Angoon Census Area, in the Unorganized Borough of Alaska.

Funter Bay was the site of a World War II internment camp for Aleuts [1] relocated 1500 miles from their homes. It was "the site of an abandoned cannery in which the St. Paul evacuees were housed. The St. George camp was across the bay at an old mine site.".[2] The injustices they suffered were the subject of the US Congress' Aleut Restitution Act of 1988.

Coot Cove off of Funter Bay
Chart of Funter Bay


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