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Ftown, A small Paris in 9ja
LGA and town
Nickname(s): F-Town
Motto: Funtun dutse ta Magaji mai hayakin Naira.
Funtua is located in Nigeria
Location in Nigeria
Coordinates: 11°32′N 7°19′E / 11.533°N 7.317°E / 11.533; 7.317Coordinates: 11°32′N 7°19′E / 11.533°N 7.317°E / 11.533; 7.317
Country  Nigeria
State Katsina State
 • Chairman Hon Yazidu Goya
 • Total 448 km2 (173 sq mi)
Population (2006 census)
 • Total 225,571
 • Ethnicities Hausa, Fulani and other tribes settled in the area
Time zone WAT (UTC+1)
3-digit postal code prefix 830
ISO 3166 code NG.KT.FU

Funtua is a Local Government Area in Katsina State, Nigeria. Its headquarters is in the town of Funtua on the A126 highway.

It has an area of 448 km² and a population of (225,571 at the 2006)420,110 2012 estimate. census.Funtua became a Local Government in 1967.The chairman is the official Head of Local government. The inhabitants of the Local Government are predominantly Hausa and Fulani by tribe. Their main occupations are Trading, farming and Animal rearing. And due to advancement, Funtua youth get involved in computing, research, transportation, civil services to mention but a few.

It is flourishing settlement, which is in the southern extreme end of Katsina State. It borders with Giwa Local Government of Kaduna State to the south.

The postal code of the area is 830.[1]

The source of the Sokoto River is located near

Currently, Honourable Yazidu Goya is the Chairman of Funtua Area Council, elected in a controversial election rejected by APC, while the district head, who is referred to as Sarkin Maska, is Alhaji Sambo Idris Sambo. Funtua is now requesting to create Karadua state. It is also worth noting that Late Alhaji Mamman Shata comes from Funtua, a legendary Hausa musician as well as Late Hajiya Barmani Choge. other notable people of funtua origin includes Late Ammani Dan Maizango, Alhaji Audu Maikaka, Late Alh Dandutse, Late Bawa Nakarime, Late Alh. Sule Mai Inji, Alh. Idi Dan-Tsohuwa, Hassan Idris (Ghalee Funtua), Nura Ammani among others.

Funtua received international attention in 2002 when Khadi Abdullahi of the Funtua Sharia Court sentenced Amina Lawal to death by stoning for bearing a child out of wedlock. Funtua received international attention also when Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, a son to Alhaji Umaru Muttallab who reside in Funtua attempted to detonate a bomb in Us airline which flew from Amsterdam to Detroit. In sport, Funtua strikers and Junior Ranchers FC, greatly influenced footballing activities in the area, especially when footballers like Sani Corporal, Yahaya Osobio, Qulaye are mentioned. Besides all these, Funtua weather condition makes it conducive and attractive to people from all parts of the country. Educationally, Funtua is a cradle of learning, many schools were established since the colonial era. Missionary schools also post dates independence notable among them; Sambo Primary School an institution named after a district head after taking over from missionaries, Aya Primary School, Gudindi Primary School among others. Further more, in terms of Qur'anic education Funtua is a turning point. Islamiyar Kan tudu, Qur'an Institute of Imam Said and Hizbur Rahim of Imam Alti are two remarkable institutions in terms of Islamization and jurisprudence. " Man is political animal", said Aristotle, hence Funtua as Senatorial Headquarters of the southern part of Katsina state a.k.a which comprises Funtua itself, Kankara, Malumfashi, Matazu, Musawa, Kafur, Danja, Bakori, Faskari, Sabuwa and Dandume Local Government Areas, influences strongly the affairs of Katsina and Nigeria at large. Late President Yar'adua is said to have socio-political connections with the land.


Funtua is served by a station on a branch on the western line of the national railway network and 4 major Federal Highways viz: Funtua-Birnin Gwari-Lagos Road, Funtua -Zamfara-Sokoto-Kebbi Road, Funtua-Yashe Road And Funtua-Zaria Road.

Educational Institutions[edit]

Funtua currently has Higher institutions which accommodate Students from all over the country, one is remedial school known as Ahmadu Bello University School of Basic and Remedial Studies (SBRS), Funtua, which accommodates Students from all (nineteen) 19 northern states of Nigeria, secondly a health technology school known as Muslim Community School of Health Technology, Funtua which also accommodates students from all over the country to study courses like Community Health, Environmental Health, Dental Health as well as Health Information Management, also located in Funtua which is a communal non governmental and charity based institution. Another Diploma awarding institution is Abdullahi Aminchi College of Advanced Studies Funtua which is registered to award Diploma in Education. Also Funtua housed a popular certificate awarding institution now preparing to start awarding Diploma known as College of Administration, Funtua. The Government of Late Umar Musa Yaradua has increased the size and quality of secondary schools in Katsina State. Funtua benefitted from this, Government College, Funtua, Government College Day wing, Government Day Secondary School, Funtua and Government Girls Senior and Junior Secondary Schools and host of others in the Local Government provide a lot of learning opportunity to ten of thousands youth in the Local Government Area. Zaid bin Thabit Community College is a school established by some community members to augment government efforts in providing sound education with Islamic precepts. Many Private Primaries and Secondary schools abound in the Local Government Area.


Currently Funtua has so many Forum/Association which are always contributing to its Economic, Educational and Security development which include: Funtua Consultative Forum, Funtua Community Education Development Association, Funtua Funtun Dutse, Funtua Students Association (FUNSA), Dandutse Ward Youth Development and Security Association (DYDEASA) popularly known as KAROTA, DYDEASA Education Committee Among Others.

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Some towns and villages in Funtua[edit]

dikke, maigamji, maska, tudun iya, gardawa, ung-hamida, gwaigwaye, dan-fili, goya, yan-randa, ung-fadi, ung-nunu, gwauruwa, rafin-dinya, kaliyawa, zamfarawa, bakin-dutse, ung-kankura, ung-kwando, cibauna, lasanawa, dukawa, ung-biri, kofar yamma, sabon gari, danlayi, ung-tofa


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