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Fuorigrotta (Italian: "Outside the grotto") is a western suburb of Naples, southern Italy.


It lies beyond the Posillipo hill and has been joined to the main body of Naples by two traffic tunnels through that hill since the early 20th century.

It is the site of the Stadio San Paolo, home to the Serie A team S.S.C. Napoli. It is also the site of the new Monte Sant'Angelo campus of the University of Naples.


An ancient Roman tunnel, the Crypta Neapolitana, has been reopened for visitors. It connected Naples to the road "outside the grotto" that led north to Rome.

Modern Fuorigrotta underwent intense expansion in the 20th century, first by the location in the area of the massive Overseas Fairgrounds by the Fascist government in 1936, and then during a period of urban expansion after World War II.

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Coordinates: 40°49′30″N 14°11′43″E / 40.82500°N 14.19528°E / 40.82500; 14.19528