Fuquan Olympic School

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Fuquan Olympic School
No.63, Fuquan Road, Duruan Town

Jiangmen, Guangdong
Type Private School, Co-educational, Kindergarten to Middle School, Day School and Boarding School
Founded March 1998
Founder Chen Jiping (陈基平)
Principal Luo JinHong (罗金宏)
Enrolment 1500 Students
Color(s) Red, Blue and White               

Fuquan Olympic School (traditional Chinese: 福泉奧林匹克學校; simplified Chinese: 福泉奥林匹克学校) is a co-educational, private school, located in the town of Duruan in Jiangmen, Guangdong Province, People's Republic of China. The current principal is Mr. Jinhong Luo (罗金宏) with an enrolment of approximately 1500 students from kindergarten to junior high school. Geographically, the school covers an area of 31,209 square meters, nestled within the surrounding hills of the Great Xikeng forest.[1] It is the first Olympic School in Jiangmen and a notable school in this city [2] and neighboring area including Zhongshan and Zhuhai.[3]


The school was established in March 1998 by the President of China Development Co Ltd and Pine Real Estate Development Corporation, Mr Jiping Chen (traditional Chinese: 陳基平; simplified Chinese: 陈基平) who was awarded the title of honorary citizen in 2000 by the Jiangmen government in part due to this contribution to the city's development.[4]


Fuquan has 33 classes from kindergarten to junior high school. The campus boosts a number of basketball courts, volleyball courts, badminton courts, a 300-meter track and a soccer field, a swimming pool and large indoor gymnasium.

Academics and awards[edit]

Fuquan has a strong tradition in mathematics competitions and has won numerous awards at the provincial and national level. The school has been designated by the Chinese Ministry of Education as an "Experimental School for the Reform of English-Language Education at the Elementary Level" (教育部小学英语教育改革实验学校), and is classified as a First-Rank School in Jiangmen (江门市一级学校).[5] In March 2010, Fuquan was rated as one of the Top 100 Private Schools in China (全国百强民办学校) by the Ministry of Education.[6]

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