Fur and Loathing

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"Fur and Loathing"
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation episode
Episode no.Season 4
Episode 5
Directed byRichard J. Lewis
Written byJerry Stahl
Original air dateOctober 30, 2003
Episode chronology
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"Feeling the Heat"
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"Fur and Loathing" is the fifth episode in the fourth season of the television series, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. It was broadcast on October 30, 2003.[1]


Gil Grissom and Catherine Willows investigate the death of a female driver in a collision between her Mercury Sable and a large eighteen-wheel truck. In the process they find another victim, a man in a raccoon fursuit named Robert Pitt.[1][better source needed] Their evidence leads the two to attend a Plushies and Furries Convention, where Grissom and Willows discover there is more going on among the attendees than just dressing up.[citation needed] Meanwhile, Nick Stokes and Sara Sidle investigate a case where a man has been found shot dead and frozen to the floor of a cold storage room. A distraught man arrives at the station to report that he had been kidnapped because he had witnessed the murder and was stuffed in a trunk until he escaped.


Toronto-based filmmaker Michael McNamara, who had been working on his own documentary episode on furry fandom, said that the CSI episode "portrayed the community as a community of sexual deviants who like to have sex in fur costumes" and expressed concern that "it winds up giving the whole fandom a bad name, which made them nervous and camera-shy, so it was tricky to get their trust".[2] He wrote that the deviancy "probably represents about two percent of fandom but it’s the one obviously that the press always gleefully jumps."[3] Greg Gaudio of The Virginian-Pilot wrote that "The steamier side of the Furry Fandom – sexual behavior involving animal costumes and stuffed animals – has grabbed media attention in recent years, most notably as the subject of a 2003 episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. The episode showed attendees at a furry convention engaging in a costume-clad orgy"; however, one of the furry fandom attendees he interviewed replied that such behavior "only involves a tiny percentage of furries and is not something that’s part of the local scene."[4]

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