Furch Guitars

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Furch Guitars
FoundedCzech Republic 1981 (1981)
FounderFrantisek Furch
Area served
Czech Republic, North America

Furch Guitars is a Czech guitar manufacturer founded in 1981 by Frantisek Furch. Furch began making his own instruments as he had no access to quality ones. Starting under Czechoslovakian socialist rule, he originally hid his craft from officials.[1] As restrictions eased in 1987, his instruments became available publicly. The factory is currently in the town of Velké Němčice, Czech Republic.[2]

Photo of the headstock of a Furch A17-40 CM guitar

Furch Guitars were re-branded under the name Stonebridge for sale in North America; however, more recently the name Furch has been used.[3]


Furch Guitars currently produces two steel-string guitar lines, the Millennium series and the Vintage series. They have also, at times, produced both mandolins and acoustic bass guitars.

Millennium Series:

  • Line 20
  • Line 21
  • Line 22
  • Line 23
  • Line 24
  • Line 25

Vintage Series:

  • Line 32
  • Line 33
  • Line 34
  • Line 35

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