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Theatrical release poster
Directed byDzhanik Fayziev
Ivan Shurkhovetskiy
Produced by
Screenplay by
  • Dmitriy Paltsev
  • Sergey Yudakov
  • Dmitriy Raevskiy
  • Evgeniy Raevskiy
Music bySerj Tankian
CinematographyMaksim Osadchy
Edited byRod Nikolaychuk
Distributed byCentral Partnership
Release date
  • November 30, 2017 (2017-11-30)
Running time
117 minutes
LanguageRussian, Mongolian
Budget360 million RUB
Box office599,2 million RUB $10,207,300[1]

Furious, also known as Legend of Kolovrat (Russian: Легенда о Коловрате, romanizedLegenda o Kolovrate, pronounced [lʲɪˈɡʲɛndɐ ɐ kəlɐˈvratʲɪ]), is a 2017 Russian historical fantasy action film about the Ryazan knight Evpaty Kolovrat. The film is directed by Ivan Shurkhovetskiy and stars newcomer Ilya Malakov, as well as Polina Chernyshova, Aleksei Serebryakov, Aleksandr Ilyin Jr. and Yulia Khlynina in supporting roles.

The film is based on the period when Russia was under control of the Golden Horde. Ryazan knight Evpaty Kolovrat is the leader of the squad, which decides to fight back khan Batu, who has divided Russia.

The plot is based on The Tale of the Destruction of Ryazan, a medieval military tale about the capture of the city of Ryazan by the Mongols in 1237 and is one of the best sources of the Mongol invasion of Russia.[2]

Furious, a Russian film is scheduled to be released in Russia by Central Partnership on November 30, 2017.[3]


Golden Horde times and the warrior, Ryazan knight Evpaty Kolovrat, combat khan Batu, who shattered Russia.[4]

This military tale (The Tale of the Destruction of Riazan) survived in several sixteenth and the seventeenth century redactions and is thought to be a part of a miscellany that was composed and revised by the clergy of the Church of St. Nikholas of Zaraisk. According to the legend, the church is located on the spot where the princess Eupraxy killed herself. Given a form of a military tale, the later version of The Tale of Batu's Capture of Ryazan is a fictionalized account with some historical inaccuracies suggesting that the Tale was composed sometimes after the described events and was subsequently further edited. Tracing its provenance, textual analysis, and dating of various redactions have been conclusively resolved by Soviet scholars.

The Tale of the Destruction of Riazan is one of the most interesting and best written accounts of the invasion of Russia by the Mongols : Within twelve years after bringing the miraculous icon of St.Nicholas from Kherson, Batu Khan invaded the Russian land with a great multitude of his Tatar warriors and set up camp on the river Voronezh in the vicinity of the principality of Riazan and he sent his envoys to the city of Riazan, to Great Prince Yury Ingvarevich, demanding tithes from everyone - from the princes and from all ranks of people. And the Great Prince decided to send his son, Fedor Yurevich, to Batu with many gifts and supplications that he not invade the land of Riazan.

Prince Fedor came to the Emperor Batu. Batu entertained the Riazan Princes, and asked that they send their sisters and daughters to be his concubines. One envious Riazan courtier told Batu that the wife of Prince Fedor belonged to the Byzantine imperial family and that she had a most beautiful body. Emperor Batu, who was false and merciless, became excited, and told Prince Fedor: "Prince, give me your wife so that I may enjoy her beauty." And Prince Fedor said - "It is not our Christian custom to bring to you, the godless emperor our wives so that your lust may be satisfied. If you conquer us then you will be the ruler of our wives."

The godless Batu was offended, became angry, and ordered the immediate death of Prince Fedor; his body be thrown in a field where it would be devoured by beasts and birds. The retinue and the warriors of Prince Fedor were also put to death.

One of the servants of Prince Fedor, by name Aponitsa, managed to escape, and wept bitterly, seeing the body of his master. Having noticed that no one guarded the corpse, he secretly took his beloved master's body and buried it. Then he hurried to Princess Eupraxia of Ryazan and told her that Emperor Batu had killed her husband. At that moment the princess happened to be on the upper floor of the palace with her infant son, Prince Ivan. When she heard that her husband had been slain, she was seized with grief, and threw herself from the window with the child in her arms. And so both were died.[5]

Evpaty and his soldiers return to Riazan, only to find that the Mongols had burned the city and massacred many of its inhabitants, including the defending soldiers, his wife Nastya and their children. He and his men ring the town bell, summoning the survivors. They hide as a band of Mongols return, and Evpaty kills them all with his two swords. Evpaty leads his men against a blizzard into a forest, and stumble upon a bear and a hermit. The hermit, Nestor, invites them into a cave where they rest for the night and receive herbs.

Evpaty and his soldiers use trickery to frighten and distract the Mongols and allow one of his soldiers to help Lada take several children to safety. He sends three soldiers on horseback to three princes in their cities, but only one accepted their request for help in fighting Batu Khan. He also ensures that the surviving people of his city hide in Nestor's cave. At the same time, his soldiers and Lada struggle to help him remember his current situation to stop him from attacking them.

Evpaty and his soldiers fight Batu Khan's soldiers on a hill, but the Mongols prevail, leaving Evpaty as the last member of his army. The Mongol officer asks Evpaty on his demands. Evpaty goes down from the hill, he shows them a seal that Batu Khan had given to him earlier, causing the Mongols to avoid killing him. Evpaty taunts Batu Khan that now the latter is the one who kneels, and dies from his wounds from being hit by stones thrown by trebuchets.

Because he has his warriors to keep fighting the Mongols to the end, Batu Khan orders his soldiers to build a mound to bury Evpaty's body, one that became taller than the hill where he fought the Mongols. Many years later, that hill was used by another Russian prince, who leads a larger army to face an invasion of Teutonic Knights.




History place is Staraya Ryazan fortifications. View from the Oka.

"We made an impassioned, energetic, and action-packed film – an incredibly tender, awe-inspiring tale of indomitable courage," said Dzhanik Fayziev, general producer at Russia’s Film Studio KIT. Dzhanik Fayziev said the film blends history with the present day and fantasy with realism to tell an emotional story of simple folk who become true heroes when burdened with unanticipated circumstances.[6]

The President was shown some of the props used in the making of the film: a sword, a shield, and costume elements – all hand-made. Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky, film director Dzhanik Fayziev, lead actor Ilya Malakov and lead actress Polina Chernyshova also attended the screening. President Vladimir Putin, and watch Dzhanik Fayziev's historical fantasy film Furious (also known as Legend of Kolovrat) at the Moscow Kremlin.[7]


The filmmakers decided to abandon the reconstruction of historical events of the thirteenth century and chose to create a fairy-tale world with good and bad characters. Part of the filming took place at the ZiL plant, where the largest shooting pavilion in Europe was built.[8] This project is the first feature film directed by Ivan Shurhovetskiy.[9]


"Furious is an incredible historical epic battle film that I started working on several months ago. For years I contemplated to compose for a film with epic musical proportions utilizing big orchestral, crazy rock and moving ethnic elements. In that sense, my dreams came true. I am extremely proud of my work on this film", said Tankian.

Dzhanik Fayziev, film director and producer, commented, "Serj Tankian is probably the only musician in the world who can combine modern rhythms and ultimatum tenderness in his work. He wrote an original soundtrack to the film that can rightfully be placed on par with the best samples of world cinema music".

"We are proud that a world-class musician agreed to work on our film. It is a great pleasure to work with Serj. I am certain that our cooperation will last longer than this movie and hope that there many joint projects ahead," said general director of GPM KIT Rafael Minasbekyan.[10]


The Russian cinematographic agency Roskino revealed the names that he will show this year at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2017, including first looks at Central Partnership’s fantasy Furious and war film T-34.[11]

Furious is scheduled for release in the Russian Federation on November 30, 2017 by Central Partnership. The television premiere of the film took place on May 7, 2018 on the Russia-1 television channel.


Well Go USA has acquired North American rights to the Russian historical action epic Furious, which is being sold in Berlin by Central Partnership, French-speaking countries (Acteurs Auteurs Associes), Spain (Mediaset).[12]

In April 2018, TGV Cinemas was licensed to screen the movie in its Malaysian cinemas.[13]


The visual effects of the film studio created in the "Main Road Post", which created special effects for films "The Duelist", "Prizrak", "Stalingrad". According to Pavel Stepanov, director of the Central Partnership film manufacturing company, the visual effects were deliberately fabulous to emphasize that the events of the film are a legend.

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