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Furled leaders are a type of knotless tapered fly fishing leader. They are known for their high performance, low memory, and soft fly presentations. These attributes are due to the way these leaders are constructed which is similar to creating rope. The big difference is that furled leaders are created with a taper. This twisted style of construction and being made from many filaments leads to a flexible leader with low to no memory. Properties similar to a section of rope.[1]


Furled leaders are created from braided line, monofilament, fluorocarbon fishing line or fly tying thread. This material is wrapped around a jig in a series of interlocking loops which creates the taper of the leader. The leader is also created in two halves.

Each half is then twisted while under tension. Both halves are twisted in the same spinning direction. The halves are combined together and allowed to untwist under weight or tension. As the two halves untwist, they furl together to create the final structure. The ends of the leader are then finished to hold the leaders furl. The leader is attached to the end of the fly line and tipped with tippet before use.