Furna (Brava)

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Furna on the island of Brava, Cape Verde
Furna on the island of Brava, Cape Verde
Furna is located in Cape Verde
Coordinates: 14°53′13″N 24°40′48″W / 14.887°N 24.680°W / 14.887; -24.680Coordinates: 14°53′13″N 24°40′48″W / 14.887°N 24.680°W / 14.887; -24.680
Country Cape Verde
Island Brava
Municipality Brava
Civil parish São João Baptista
Population (2010)[1]
 • Total 612

Furna is a seaside community in the northeastern part of the island of Brava, Cape Verde. It lies 2.5 km northeast of the island capital of Vila Nova Sintra. Its 2010 census population was 612.

About the village[edit]

The settlement was mentioned "Fuurno" in the 1747 French/Dutch map by Jacques Nicolas Bellin.[2]

Furna became the most important harbour of Brava in 1843.[3] In 1982, many boats and some houses of Furna were destroyed by waves reaching a height of up to 10 meters which were caused by the tropical storm Beryl.[4] Until the early 1990s, the landscape around Furna was barren, in 2000, trees surrounded the village and in 2012, the surrounding area became forested. The harbour was improved in 2000.[5] The Port of Brava serves with a new ferry boat named the Kriola, a fleet part of Cabo Verde Fast Ferry that connects the ports of São Filipe in Fogo and Praia in Santiago[6] The boat is the only one in Cape Verde made in Singapore and likely the most recent made by a Dutch company Damen Group.

School with wall paintings

The new yellow school near the small church in the South of the village, which was paid by the government of Belgium, has large wall paintings motivating the children to save as much water as possible and to help keeping the island green.

Less than a kilometer nearly northeast of Furna is Ponta Jalunga, a promontory where it also has a lighthouse, one of three on the island.[7]


The football (soccer) club Juventude is based in Furna and plays in the Brava Island League, the club was founded by youth people in 2010 and is the island's newest club.


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