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Municipality of Flinders local government area
Furneaux Group

The Furneaux Group (indigenous name: Tayaritja)[citation needed] is a group of 78 islands at the eastern end of Bass Strait, between Victoria and Tasmania, Australia. The islands were named after British navigator Tobias Furneaux, who sighted the eastern side of these islands after leaving Adventure Bay in 1773 on his way to New Zealand to rejoin Captain James Cook. Navigator Matthew Flinders was the first Westerner to explore the Furneaux Islands group in the Francis in 1798, and later that year in the Norfolk.[1]

The largest islands in the group are Flinders Island, Cape Barren Island and Clarke Island. The group contains five settlements: Killiecrankie, Emita, Lady Barron, Cape Barren Island and Whitemark on Flinders Island, which serves as the administrative center of the Municipality of Flinders local government area. there are also some small populated ranches on the remote islands.

The Aboriginal woman Dolly Dalrymple was born in the area.[2]

King Island, at the western end of Bass Strait, is not a part of the group.


The Furneaux Group consists of approximately 100 islands. The major ones are: Anderson Island, Babel Island, Badger Island, Billy Goat Reefs, Big Green Island, Briggs Islet, Cat Island, Chalky Island, Cooties Reef, Doughboy Island, East Kangaroo Island, Fisher Island, Fisher Island Reef, Forsyth Island, Great Dog Island, Inner Sister Island, Outer Sister Island, Isabella Island, Little Anderson Island, Little Chalky Island, Little Dog Island, Little Green Island, Long Island, Low Islets, and another of the same name Low Islets, Middle Pasco Island, Mile Island, Moriarty Rocks, Mount Chappell Island, Neds Reef, Night Island, North Pasco Island, Passage Island (Tasmania), Pelican Island, Prime Seal Island, Puncheon Island, Puncheon Islets, Roydon Island, Rum Island, Samphire Island, Sentinel Island, South Pasco Island, Spences Reefs, Spike Island, Storehouse Island, Swan Island, Tin Kettle Island, Vansittart Island.

The Furneaux Group, together with the groups of islands to the north west Kent Group, Hogan Island Group, Curtis Group, Wilsons Promontory Islands (only Tasmanian part) form the Furneaux Islands Council.

Table of Islands[edit]

Island Capital Other Cities Area (km²) Population
Furneaux Group Whitemark Lady Barron, The Corner, Emita, Killiecrankie 2010.3 795
Babel Island Group 5.01 0
Babel Island 4.4 0
Cat Island (Tasmania) 0.39 0
Fifty Foot Rock 0.02 0
Other 0 0
Storehouse Island 0.2 0
Badger Island Group Badger Island Mount Chappell Island 18.15 3
Badger Island South East Point 13.5 1
Goose Island (Tasmania) 1.09 0
Inner Little Goose Island 0.045 0
Little Badger Island 0.025 0
Little Goose Island 0.036 0
Mount Chappell Island 3.45 2
Other Beagle Island North West Mount Chappell Islet 0.004 0
Bass Pyramid Bass Pyramid 0.025 0
Big Green Island Group Big Green Island East Kangaroo Island 4.1 6
Big Green Island 1.57 4
Chalky Island (Tasmania) 0.41 0
East Kangaroo Island 1.75 2
Isabella Island 0.14 0
Little Chalky Island 0.05 0
Mile Island 0.04 0
Other 0.14 0
Cape Barren Island The Corner 478.4 67
Clarke Island (Tasmania) 82 1
Craggy Island (Tasmania) Craggy Island 0.389 0
Flinders Island Whitemark Lady Barron 1367 700
Franklin Sound Islands Important Bird Area Great Dog Tin Kettle 21.362 14
Anderson Island (Tasmania) 1.66 0
Boxen Island 0.13 0
Briggs Islet 0.034 0
Doughboy Island (Tasmania) 0.17 0
Great Dog Island (Tasmania) Great Dog Island (Tasmania) 3.75 10
Lady Barron Island 0.01 0
Little Anderson Island 0.13 0
Little Dog Island Little Dog Island 0.83 0
Little Green Island 0.87 0
Long Island (Tasmania) 3.13 0
Neds Reef 0.04 0
Other Spences Islands Big Black Reef, GVH Rock, Mid Woody Islet, Ram, Apple Orchard Point, Billy Goat Reefs, Fisher Island, Samphire Island 0.253 0
Oyster Rocks East Oyster West Oyster 0.07 0
Pelican Island (Tasmania) 0.07 0
Puncheon Island Puncheon Island 0.185 1
Tin Kettle Island Tin Kettle 1.86 2
Vansittart Island (Tasmania) Bates Bay House Bay 8.17 1
Inner Sister Island 7.48 0
Other Little Island Shag Rock 0 0
Outer Sister Island Outer Sister Island 5.45 0
Pasco Island Group Roydon Island 1.1 0
Marriott Reef 0.034 0
Middle Pasco Islands 0.084 0
North Pasco Island 0.28 0
Other 0.122 0
Roydon Island 0.37 0
South Pasco Island 0.21 0
Passage Island Group Passage Island 4.47 2
Forsyth Island 1.67 0
Gull Island (Tasmania) 0.085 0
Low Islets (Tasmania) 0.02 0
Moriarty Rocks 0.025 0
Other Battery Island 0.017 0
Passage Island (Tasmania) Passage Island 2.53 2
Spike Island (Tasmania) Spike Island Little Spike Island 0.123 0
Preservation Island Group Preservation Island 2.37 2
Key Island 0.06 0
Night Island (Tasmania) 0.026 0
Other 0.007 0
Preservation Island Preservation Island Horseshoe Bay 2.08 2
Rum Island (Tasmania) 0.197 0
Prime Seal Island Group Prime Seal Island 12.8 0
Bird Island (Prime Seal Group) 0.015 0
Low Islets (Prime Seal Group) South low Middle low, North low 0.35 0
Other 0.075 0
Prime Seal Island Peacock Bay South Bay 12.2 0
Wybalenna Island 0.16 0
Sentinel Island (Tasmania) 0.1 0
Wright Rock 0.094 0
Furneaux Group Whitemark Lady Barron, The Corner, Emita, Killiecrankie 2010.3 795


The islands contain granite from the Devonian period, as well as unconsolidated limestone and sand from Cenozoic periods. During the ice age, a land bridge joined Tasmania to the Australian mainland through this group of islands.


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