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The Liwa-e-Ahmadiyya, the flag of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and accordingly the battle flag of the Furqan Force
Mirza Nasir Ahmad (left) chatting with Furqan Force colonel Sahibzada Mubarak Ahmad

The Furqan Force or Furqan Battalion was a uniformed fighting force of volunteers (khuddam-i-din[1]) in newly formed Pakistan, composed of the minority Ahmadiyya branch Muslims. Formed in June 1948[2] at the direction of Ahmadiyya leader Mirza Mahmood, at the request of Pakistan government, the unit fought for Pakistan against India in the First Kashmir War.[3] In addition to its troops being drawn from the Ahmadiyya population, the expenses of maintaining the unit were also paid by that community.[4]


The unit was disbanded in 1954 and many of its members became part of Pakistan Army.[1]


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